Unframed Ice Cream Menu South Africa

Is it okay to eat ice cream most often? Ice cream gives the impression of the perfect treat to make you feel cool on a warm day. Or it gives you pleasure when you’re feeling down. But is it a dessert you just can eat every day? Or it should be eaten occasionally?

With lots of choices, you can’t ignore each sweetness. Ice cream is a good source of vitamins and minerals. But be careful you might have a sugar crash. It also boosts your mood. It is like dopamine in your brain that makes you cheerful. A spoonful of your favorite ice cream will always make you delighted. Let’s have this experience with the Unframed Ice Cream menu. Join me as we visit and have fun trying their scoops of ice cream.

Here are Unframed Ice Cream menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Picked for you

Salted Chocolate (Dairy)120
Speculoos (Dairy)120
Mint Choc Chip (Vegan)120
Just Vanilla (Dairy)120
Dulce De Leche (Dairy)120

Dairy ice cream

Salted Chocolate (Dairy)120
Just Vanilla (Dairy)120
Speculoos (Dairy)120
Lemon Olive Oil White Chocolate (Dairy)120
Caramelized Banana (Dairy)120
Dulce De Leche (Dairy)120
Sweet Lemon (Dairy)120
Honey (Dairy)120

Vegan Ice Cream

Mint Choc Chip (Vegan)125
Vegan Vanilla125
Beetroot Chocolate Ginger (Vegan)125
Turmeric latte (Vegan)115
Vegan Coconut (Vegan)125


Cocoa Coconut Chips 80g (6 servings)119
Candied Pecans 150g (6 servings)119
Cones (Vegan)5
Crushed Oreos 120g (6 servings)79


Apricot & bergamot sorbet.
Vegan spicy mango.
White chocolate lemon-infused olive oil.
Vegan turmeric latte.
Vegan coconut raspberry.
Black currant sorbet.
Vegan beetroot chocolate ginger.
Vegan lusty coconut.
Double carrot cake.
Coco pops.
Medjool dates orange blossom.
Avocado, green apple, lime sorbet.
Lime, lemon, basil sorbet.
Vegan mint choc chip.
Vegan match tea.
Vegan sea salt chocolate.
Chocolate tahini.
Chocolate passion fruit.
Burnt white chocolate.
Cookie dough.
Just vanilla.
Vegan lychee.
Muscovado sugar.
Almond & hazelnut pralines.
Cinnamon crunch.
Passion fruit.
Vegan dirty banana.
Sweet lemon.
Pineapple, red pepper, lime sorbet.

About Unframed Ice Cream

Have you wondered why the name was termed “Unframed Ice cream”? When I get into a closer look and analyze how they outlined their name, I’ve come to think, perhaps their Ice cream is created uniquely in every way that it has no definite structured flavor, but it must be in every moment something new had been created or invented.

This ice cream store started in August 2016 in the fabulous city of Cape Town, South Africa. The concept of the Unframed was conceived on the street by a French-born founder Yann Rey. Yann got the chance to meet Stephane Auge, one of the greatly respected and recognized personalities in the demesne of ice cream. With Stephane, who also had a great passion for ice cream, Yann is on the go to make his dream come true. This dream blows deep from childhood memories, the pleasure that ice cream could give to a naïve soul.

Unframed Ice Cream Menu Best Seller

Unframed Ice Cream Menu Best Seller
Photo Credit: Unframed Ice Cream

Vegan Dirty Banana – Mixed with fresh bananas into a rich, smooth, and creamy coconut ice cream, this Vegan Dirty Banana is so awesome in taste. It is Capped with a twirled dark chocolate sauce, as well as beaten caramelized cashew nuts. It has a great taste that is so delectable on your tongue. I like this ice cream menu. So extravagant!

Vegan sea salt chocolate – Everybody loves chocolate. It is a source of dopamine that can release your saddened emotion. Chocolate in ice cream is delightful to our taste. Vegan sea salt chocolate is such a unique creative innovation for ice cream. Its saltiness arises that complements the creaminess and sweetness of ice cream’s savor. You should try this Unframed Ice Cream menu.

Chocolate passion Fruit – Passion fruit is a peculiar kind of fruit that is mouthwatering and eating such is enjoyable. Passion fruit is blended with chocolate and tasty creams, with milk that sweetened it.

Beetroot Chocolate Ginger – I have never imagined an ice cream made of ginger blended with chocolate until I tasted one. It seems impossible but yes, it was made available by Unframed Ice Cream. Such a perfect invention and the creative making of this kind of ice cream flavor. If you haven’t tasted ice cream in this savory, you must try it. See how this tang makes a difference.

Dairy Ice Cream

Ice cream ingredients may vary from recipe to recipe or may differ also depending on its brand. Dairy Ice cream is made up of milk or cream, flavorings/mix-ins, and sweeteners. The core ingredients in ice cream are cow’s milk–and the most vital part of it is the milkfat, which makes ice cream smooth and creamy in texture.

Unframed Ice Cream Menu
Photo Credit: Unframed Ice Cream

I really admire the hands of those who are passionate about making ice cream so enjoyable to the taste of people, from children age and even adults. See these flavors for Dairy Ice Cream: Salted chocolate, Just Vanilla, Speculoos, Carmelized Banana, Dulce De Leche, Sweet Lemon, and Honey.

Vegan Ice Creams

What is vegan ice cream? This Unframed Ice Cream menu is a sort of plant-based milk, originating from almond, soy, and coconut. Like dairy-based ice cream, vegan ice cream is also loaded with fat and contains a substantial amount of fats that contribute to its smooth and fine texture.

Who can eat vegans eat ice cream? People who are not used to eating ice cream with dairy products can absolutely eat vegan ice cream since it is not made of dairy milk. This delicious ice cream menu is dairy-free. You have to try this kind of menu and taste the difference and uniqueness of its taste.

Vegan Ice Cream had the following selections: Mint choc Chip, Vegan Vanilla, Beetroot chocolate Ginger, Turmeric Latte, and Vegan Coconut.

Unframed Ice Cream Menu Delivery

How to get in touch? Just click this link: https://www.unframedicecream.com/contact. Key in the needed information in the box and send you a message for inquiries and orders.

Unframed Ice cream delivers your order thru Uber Eats. Follow this sequence in logging in to the Uber Eats website :

  1. On your search engine, type: www.ubereats.com, and it will show you different choices.
  2. Choose what’s “Pick for you”
  3. Enter your address to check for availability
  4. Click your desired flavor and add it to the cart
  5. Review the order/s and confirm your payment.

Wait for your orders to be delivered right to your doorsteps. Enjoy the refreshing snacks!


I scream for ice cream, you scream for ice cream, we all scream for ice cream! When there’s a bell ringing and it sounds like ice cream is coming, do not miss to grab a scoop or a cone of your own menu from Unframed Ice Cream. You will surely enjoy this innovative creation of a menu that is unique in its flavor. The combination speaks and reflects a creative mind and skillful hands that crafted it and the passion of making such enjoyable and delightful to numerous people. If you love ice cream don’t miss to buy or order from Unframed Ice Cream. Distress your mind from what’s cluttering it, have a break, and have ice cream.