Villa 47 Menu South Africa

Are you looking for a casual dining restaurant that will give you a fine dining experience? Wanting to try an excellent food experience without spending money too much? It’s like hitting two birds with one stone at this restaurant, you’ll get to try awesome foods but you’ll pay less.

Look no more, Problem solved, no worries I got you on this one. I found the perfect place where you can satisfy all of your cravings because of the delicious foods that they offer plus you’ll get to enjoy the cozy and easy atmosphere that you’ll experience upon dining with them. Are you familiar with Villa 47 and their menu?

If not I’m sure after this article you’ll be interested enough to get to know them a little bit more, let’s see the delicious food that they offer, their prices and their best sellers. This is already too much for an introduction and let’s just get started and not delay things anymore. Without further ado, let’s start now people.

Here are Villa 47 menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Uova strapazatte78
Uova alla benedict88
Croissant strapazatte65
Granola dela casa80

Fresh Juice Mixers

Power booster65
Pick me up40
Flu buster shot25
Orange juice38
Breakfast smoothie 42

Hot Beverages

Single espresso 20
Double espresso 24
Espresso machiato 20
Americano/decaf americano 20
Cafe corretto35
Cappuccino/decaf cappuccino 22
Cafe latte 24
Hot chocolate 24
Tea (Ceylon/Rooibos/Herbal/Chai)18

Panini (Lunch only)

Prosciutto Crudo, Fior Di Latte Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil65
Prosciutto Cotto, Fontina and Aioli65
Smoked Provolone, Rocket and Grilled Aubergine65

Piadine (Lunch only)

Prosciutto Crudo, fior Di Latte Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil65
Prosciutto Cotto, Gouda and Aïoli65
Smoked Provolone, Rocket and Italian Sun-Dried Tomatoes65


Tartar di manzo95
Duo di salmone e tonno135
Carpacio di polipo135
Bruschetta con fegatini90
Classic Caesar salad110
Villa 47 insalata110
Caprese salad110
Asparagi con ouva110

Pasta and Risotto

Farfalle carpino115
Orechiette pugliese115
Ravioli spinach e ricotta 125
Villa 47 tortellini 135
Spaghetti ala genovese145
Risotto del giorno145


Controfilletto 300g220
Beef wing rib 600g350
Costlette di vitello milanese185
Agnello ala brace175
Villa 47 burger 130
Pesce del giorno175
Petto D'anatra croccante175
Fritto misto215

Cold Meat Platters

Platter 1 (1-2 persons)125
Platter 2 (2-3 persons)145
Platter 3 (3-4 persons)148

Specialty Cheese Platters

Platter 1 (1-2 persons)110
Platter 2 (2-3 persons)195
Platter 3 (3-4 persons)385


Tiramisu 60
Panettone bread and butter pudding65
Creme catalana65
Caramelized oranges, vanilla mascarpone 60
Iced mixed berries, hot white chocolate 75

Hot Beverages

Single espresso
Double espresso
Double machiato
Americano/decaf americano
Cafe correto
Cappuccino/decaf cappuccino
Cafe latte
Hot chocolate
Tea (Ceylon/Rooibos/Herbal/Chai)

About Villa 47 

Villa 47 is a casual dining restaurant that offers Asian and Mediterranean cuisine while proudly showcasing authentic ingredients from South Africa. They only use the best of the finest ingredients to serve their customers high-end dishes that for sure anyone will enjoy and love.

Their guests are expected to experience regional specialties to be prepared perfectly by their skilled chefs. This restaurant has a gorgeous Mediterranean design and to be honest, it is really gorgeous Backed up with a cozy atmosphere equals an amazing dining experience, you’ll be able to enjoy the food at the same time the vibe at the restaurant is really good.

They offer Italian cuisines like pasta, meat options, and even cured cheese and meat allowing their customers to understand how simple Italian foods are. They are located in Cape town’s Bree street, this restaurant offers a world-class dining experience exploration of Italian food, and a great cocktail experience.

Villa 47 has it all from casual dining experience to high-end fine dining. Villa 47 is a continuation of the dedication of Realto Italian owners, Michele Mirotto and Luciano Previtera.

Villa 47 Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Villa 47 best sellers that you should try if you’re planning to try dining at their restaurant. Also serve as a safe choice as these items on the list are really good and chef’s recommendation as well. 

Carpaccio di Polpo – This dish is made with thinly sliced octopus so if you love seafood specifically octopus you’ll love this for sure. Tossed in olive tapenade with some mayonnaise and crispy capers and there you have a gorgeous dish that is so good you’ll remember this whenever you see their restaurant. 

Villa 47 Carpaccio Di Polpo Menu
Photo Credit: Villa 47 FB Page

Spaghetti Alla Genovese – This Villa 47 menu is made with Italian granoro dedicato spaghettini a special pasta that is firm but easy to eat, the sauce for this specialty is made with fresh tomatoes (not canned) garlic some chili, extra virgin olive oil, and the main highlights are prawns. If you are a seafood lover and love pasta this dish is for you. 

Pesce del Giorno – Made with freshly grilled catch and extra virgin olive oil and some squeeze of lemon. This dish is served with roasted vegetables as well. If you are looking for a lighter alternative to meat or just want to eat healthier this will be the dish that I can recommend to you. 

Beef Wing Rib – Made with tender and perfectly cooked beef rib topped with white truffle sauce. This is served with roasted vegetables and pomme frites. This dish is highly recommended for those carnivores who love to try a different approach to meat. 

Classic Caesar Salad – This is one of my favorite menu from Villa 47 because of its simple but stunning salads. Made with Cos lettuce some crispy pancetta perfectly poached egg that is so soft and good, garlic croutons some anchovy mayonnaise, and finished with grana padano PDO shavings. A simple salad yet very good when it comes to taste. Flavors are all balanced as well. 

Villa 47 Burger – This is not you’re a typical burger, loaded in any way and very good. It’s surprising that their burger is this good, actually one of the best burgers that I tried. Made with 180g pure beef patty some a little sweet pickles and grilled mushrooms loaded with a great amount of mozzarella cheese Italian pancetta sriracha combined with mayonnaise and served with pomme frites. 

Villa 47 Burger
Photo Credit:

Special Cheese and Cold Meat Platter (Platter 1) – Great for sharing and good for two. Made with a selection of anti pasti which includes grana padano, brie some salami napoli, and parma ham PDO. Great for chilling with friends and enjoying the vibe at the restaurant. 

Villa 47 Breakfast Menu

Villa 47 serves a breakfast menu that includes light meals that you should try. Available options for their breakfast menu are a variety of pastries that includes fresh pastries, croissants, granola, and many more. Their breakfast menu also includes fresh mixed juices like breakfast smoothies, orange juice, cardio, and the flu buster shot. They also serve hot beverages in their selection mostly coffees like espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte, and many more. 

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Villa 47 offers varieties of dishes that include in their lunch and dinner menu. They serve Panini and Piadine which are only available for lunch menu only. They also have a lot of starters available for lunch and dinner some pasta and risotto choices mouthwatering mains cold platters, gorgeous and delicious desserts, and some hot beverages that are also available on their breakfast menu. Their restaurant doesn’t accept corkage but no worries they have a lot of cocktails to choose from in their bar area that you can choose from. 


Villa 47 has this selection called Specialty Cheese platters and Specialty Cheese and cold meat platters that are usually good for sharing and highly recommended for those who love pikas while chilin specifically groups. Special cheese platters include a variety of cheeses and for the Specialty Cheese and cold meat platters, they offer classic but good cold meats like salami parma ham, and many more. 

Villa 47 Menu Delivery

Villa 47 have some good news for its avid patrons because villa 47 is now available for online delivery thru Mr. D food so you don’t have to worry if you’re craving their food items ordering is just one step away. Villa 47 is actually doing some deliveries but it depends on your location.

The areas that they are available to cater to are limited, those are The city bowl, Gardens, Higgovale, Atlantic seaboard, Woodstock, Camps bay, Observatory, and all areas near this location. All you have to do is to call 021 741 0250. Please note that 12% will be added to your bill for delivery service. 

Social Media Pages

It is highly recommended that you should subscribe to them if you want to get the latest news about the menu of Villa 47. From their pages, they posted the latest updates such as promos. If you want to find out the social media pages, here they are:





This restaurant has a lovely ambiance, very good service, and of course great food. Their pasta is exceptional and their food service is quick. Desserts are marvelous and delicious as well. The best Italian restaurant that you can find in the City these days. Polite crews and customers-friendly place. Highly recommended for groups.