Yindees Menu South Africa

Yindee’s menu offers a premium Thai experience. In Thai culture, mealtimes serve as a time for loved ones to come together and share laughter and experiences while eating their meals.

This restaurant strives to emulate a home-like atmosphere for its customers to enjoy while eating their premium Southern Thai menu. 

The recipes used in Yindee’s menu are no joke. These are passed down from generation to generation, now to be enjoyed by their lovely customers. Each dish’s recipe is a family secret, and it will surely take you on a journey of colours, texture, and flavour.

Here are Yindee’s menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Ped Hor (Aromatic Crispy Duck Wrap)75
Por Pia Tord (Four Golden Spring Rolls) - Vegetable45
Por Pia Tord (Four Golden Spring Rolls) - Chicken50
Por Pia Tord (Four Golden Spring Rolls) - Prawns55
Por Pia Tord (Four Golden Spring Rolls) - Duck55
Por Pia Sod (Four Fresh Summer Rolls) - Veg and Tofu55
Por Pia Sod (Four Fresh Summer Rolls) - Chicken and Prawns65
Man Tord Nam Jim Ma Kam50
Satay - Vegetable50
Satay - Chicken60
Satay - Beef65
Satay - Prawns90
Satay Combo (For Two)130
Tord Mun Phla - Fish65
Tord Mun Phla - Prawns75
Tord Man Khao Phod60
Choop Phang Tord (Tempura) - Vegetable50
Choop Phang Tord (Tempura) - Calamari55
Choop Phang Tord (Tempura) - Prawns70
Choop Phang Tord (Tempura) - Kinglip65
Traditional Roum Mit120
Seafood Roum Mit135
Vegetable Roum Mit110
Dim Sum65


Yum Neau Yang (Beef Salad)90
Laab Kai (Chicken Salad)85
Laab Ped (Duck Salad)110
Yum Woon Sen Thalay (Seafood Salad)110
Vegetable Salad60


Tom Yum - Vegetable50
Tom Yum - Chicken60
Tom Yum - Prawn65
Tom Yum - Seafood70
Tom Kha - Vegetable50
Tom Kha - Chicken60
Tom Kha - Prawn65
Tom Kha - Seafood70
Tom Ka Min - Vegetable50
Tom Ka Min - Chicken60
Tom Ka Min - Prawn65
Tom Ka Min - Seafood70

Chef's Recommendation

Rama Long Song Kai (Spicy Chicken)140
Phla Tuna Tong Kreaung (Seared Tuna)160
Ped Pha (Wild Duck)190
Ped Sawan (Crispy Duck)190
Kai Yaang (Grilled Baby Chicken)110
Peek Kai Nam Pheaung (Honey Chicken Wings)99
Pha Neaung Ma Nao (Steamed Fish With Lemon)160
Chu Chee Kung (Chu Chee Curry Tiger Prawns)180
Phla Rad Prik (Chilli Fish)160
Kung Ma Kam (Tiger Prawn Tamarind)180

Stir-fry Fillings

Mixed Seafood170
Duck Breast160

Curry Fillings

Vegetables and Tofu95
Mixed Seafood180
Duck Breast170

Rice and Noodles

Khao Suey20
Khao Phad Kai25
Khao Phad Kra Tieam25
Kha Kra Ti35
Khao Phad Phak45
Khao Phad Gai95
Khao Phad Kung120
Ba Mee30
Phad Thai - Vegetables and Tofu90
Phad Thai - Chicken110
Phad Thai - Prawns140
Phad Se-ew - Vegetables and Tofu90
Phad Se-ew - Chicken110
Phad Se-ew - Prawns140
Phad Kee Mow - Vegetables and Tofu90
Phad Kee Mow - Chicken110
Phad Kee Mow - Prawns140

Something Sweet

Kloi Tord50
Buat Pollamai50
Ice Cream Tord50
Thai Pancake50
Ice Cream45
Yindee's Chocolate Banana Spring Rolls50

About Yindee’s

Yindee’s is an establishment in Camp Street Gardens, serving wonderful Thai dishes to the people of Cape Town. They offer a variety of Thai dishes that perfectly emulates Thai culture. The establishment also strives to recreate the atmosphere of Thailand: accommodating, warm, and home-like.

Yindee’s Menu Best Seller

Yum Neau Yang (Beef Salad) – If you’re looking for a healthier way to enjoy Thai culture, the Yum Neau Yang, or Beef Salad, will give you just that. The salad is prepared by serving thin beef slices with cucumber, tomato, chilli, lemongrass, onion, mint, spring onion, and a bed of lettuce. The salad is served with lime dressing drizzled over the lettuce. 

Yindees Beef Salad Menu
Not an actual photo – for reference only

Choop Phang Tord (Tempura) – To prepare the tempura, they coat the items in a light sesame seed batter, then deep-fry different them. The tempura is available as mixed vegetables, prawns, calamari, or fresh fish. 

Laab Kai (Chicken Salad) – One of the healthiest meats out there is chicken meat, and pairing it with leafy greens is one of the best meal ideas. This Yindee’s menu features chicken fillet, minced, and served with cucumber, tomato, mint, onion, and spring onions. The salad is served with rice powder, and spicy lime dressing drizzled onto a bed of lettuce. 

Phad Preaw Waan (Sweet and Sour) – A stir-fry classic is the sweet and sour stir fry. This meal features cucumber, peppers, onion, and fresh pineapple. The dish is stir-fried in wok, and served with Thai sweet and sour sauce.

Phad Pong Karee (Curry and Turmeric) – If you’re looking for something that’s only offered in Thai cuisine, the Phad Pong Karee, or Curry and Turmeric, offers just that. This dish features vegetables, herbs, turmeric, and curry powder stir-fried to perfection.

Chef’s Recommendation

Rama Long Song Kai (Spicy Chicken) – Spicy food has always been a part of Thai culture. The Spicy Chicken is a simple, yet great dish which reflects Thai culture. The dish is prepared by marinating chicken breast medallions in a secret blend of seven thai spices and grilling it. The dish is served on a green vegetable bed, and the chicken is topped with a house-blend peanut sauce.

Yindees Spicy Chicken Menu
Not an actual photo – for reference only

Phla Tuna Trong Kreaung (Seared Tuna) – If you want seafood with an exotic twist, this dish is for you. To prepare this dish, a piece of tuna steak is lightly coated with a blend of Thai herbs and spices. The lightly coated tuna steak is then seared in a wok, flaming hot to ensure that the exotic flavour is captured within the tuna.

Ped Pha (Wild Duck) – If you want the premium experience, the order this menu from Yindee’s. The Ped Pha or Wild Duck is a dish unique to Yindee’s. To prepare the dish, a half duck is deboned, sliced, and served with a special sauce. The sauce is made with honey, herbs, chili, and sweet tamarind. This dish ensures that you enjoy an exotic, wild symphony of flavours.

Ped Sawan (Crispy Duck) – This dish is as simple as a duck dish can be, but it tastes amazing and it’s a prime example of Thai cuisine. It features a half duck, deboned, and coated with peach sauce. The dish is served on sweet potatoes, crispy fried.

Starters Menu

Ped Hor (Aromatic Crispy Duck Wrap) – You can enjoy this as an appetizer, or a side dish. The Ped Hor is a duck breast, crispy fried, sliced, and wrapped with various ingredients including: cucumber, carrots, spring onions, and Yindee’s secret sauce.

Por Pia Tord (Four Golden Spring Rolls) – What is a Thai menu without spring rolls? These spring rolls are prepared by deep frying them. The spring rolls are filled with vegetables, and vermicelli noodles. The spring rolls are served with their very own homemade sweet chilli sauce. The spring rolls are available in 4 different varieties: Duck, Prawns, Chicken, and Vegetable. 

Por Pia Sod (Four Fresh Summer Rolls) – Like the Por Pia Tord, the Por Pia Sod, or four fresh summer rolls, are vermicelli noodles with fresh salad and herbs, wrapped in rice paper. The Yindee’s menu is served with a special sweet tamarind sauce. The Por Pia Sod is available in two varieties: tofu and vegetable, and prawns and chicken.

Yindee’s Soups Menu

Tom Yum – A Thai meal isn’t complete without any soup, and what better soup can you add other than the most famous one of them all, the Tom Yum. This soup gets its flavour from red chili paste, lemongrass, kha, and coriander. The Tom Yum has a tart and spicy taste, a reflection of Thai culture.

Yindees Tom Yum Menu
Not an actual photo – for reference only

Tom Kha – If you’re looking for something on the creamier side, then Tom Kha is for you. It’s a delectable coconut soup made with kha, lemongrass, coriander, mushroom, and lime juice broth.

Tom Ka Min – If you want something that tastes more exotic, the Tom Ka Min offers just that. The soup uses broth made with coriander, spring onion, garlic, lemongrass, and just a hint of turmeric.

Yindee’s Menu Delivery

If you’re looking for something delicious and fast at the same time, Yindee’s staff makes sure that your order arrives at your table as soon as possible. Quality is not lost even though they keep things at a steady pace. They do this by hiring and training the best workers.

Social Media Pages

Knowing the social media page of the Yindee’s will ensure that you can get the latest updates from them. All you have to do is to follow them so you can get notified if they have something new to share. Their social media page can be accessed via Facebook. For the link, just see it below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YindeesThaiRestaurant/


If you’re looking for a great Thai meal, check out Yindee’s menu. It offers different dishes that you will consider one of the best dishes out there. They offer a wide variety of meals; from appetizers to soups, they have it all. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check Yindee’s out.