Yours Truly Menu South Africa

Are you looking for a place where you can just enjoy the vibe and relax with someone you love or a friend maybe? Stop looking anymore I got you with this one.

I found a restaurant that offers great and easy-to-eat food choices, they also have a beautiful place while enjoying your food a relaxed atmosphere to calm your mind, and a very delicious food menu to choose from. I’m talking about Yours Truly, a humble restaurant where you can get a great food menu and an awesome vibe.

Let us get to know them a little bit more and let’s see the menu that they offer. Who knows maybe after this article you’ll be interested enough to try their restaurant right? So much for a long introduction. Without further ado, let’s start. 

Here are Yours Truly menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Jan Van Riebeeck 65
Yours bluely60
The honest50
Smoked chicken capreso60
Mediterranean veg60


Hit & run35
The vice35
The B.L.A.T50
Salami, brie and avocado 60
The healthy start45
The Don50
Delicious Monster 60


Roast veg65
Puffed beef 65
Smoked chicken 65


Mr popular 90
Good manners 90
True as blue90
Our greek90
The sweet hen90
The pulled beast100
The bull100


Single espresso 20
Double espresso 20
Cappuccino 20
Machiato 20
Flat white 22
Latte 24
Iced coffee 26


Black label22
Tafel lager22
Castle light24
Windhoek draught26
Steph weiss40


Black label30
Alliance 40
Slow beer40
Summer wheat ale48


Carbito tequila24
Jack daniels20
Gordons gin20
Klipdrift brandy20
Bacardi rum20
Captain Morgan20


Glass of house red27
Glass of house white27
Bottle of house red90
Bottle of house white90
Doreen (sauvignon blanc)120
Doreen (shiraz)130
Dornier (Chenin blanc)150
Dornier (Cav sauv/merlot)180

About Yours Truly 

Yours truly started their humble beginning in 2010 at kloof street, it was then an inviting traveling cart for coffee and a coffee cafe. The greenery surrounding them made their place a special spot. Customers begin to notice their delicious treats and coffee and then they begin to be popular among locals and tourists.

They began to offer in 2014 in a more stable and permanent place under jacaranda trees. Their spot is popular among those who want to breathe after a stressful city life while of course drinking their delicious coffee and then transforming their place into a beer garden a great place to unwind. They are the only rooftop bar that offers music performances with a live DJ.

The acoustic session is perfect to enjoy with their cocktails. Weekends are the best days to enjoy their spot. Their menu is composed with wraps, pizzas, and sandwiches. This delicious comfort food is truly a delight for the taste buds. Over time they also offer cold drinks, beer, wine, and ciders aside from coffee and tea. They are open daily. Their address is 73 kloof street, cape town, and +27 (0)21 426-2587 for their telephone number. 

Yours Truly Menu Best Seller

Here on the list are some of their best sellers that their customers enjoyed and those first-time dinners should try. These items are truly delicious so it is a safe choice if you don’t have an idea of their food menu. 

Gourmet Sandwich Roll in the Don – This one is made with a ciabatta roll and then served with gypsy ham, basil pesto that is really delicious, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. Actually great starter for your daily needs, Packed with all the protein and carbs and you’re good to go. I also recommended this one for those who are always on the go. If you’re looking for a good sandwich try their gourmet sandwich roll in the don. Definitely delicious and worth the price. 

Iced coffee – They offer a lot of iced coffee’s they have macchiato, flat white, cappuccino, and many more but their iced coffee (that’s actually the name on the menu) is surprisingly one of the best sellers menu of Yours Truly. The taste is just right, not too strong not too light, and a bit sweet for my taste but you can actually ask their crews if you want less sugar on your iced coffee. Also, they serve a good amount of iced coffee here, not too much iced just right. 

Iced Coffee Truly Yours Menu
Ice Coffee – Not an actual photo (Photo Credit: pixabay)

Hamhattan – This delicious sandwich is made with a buttered bagel that is crispy and very tasty with bacon and cheddar cheese. This awesome sandwich is not just delicious but at the same time very appealing. The lightness of the buttered bagel and the crispiness combined is already a great treat, the bacon is not dry and the cheese is good. Seasoned with some herbs and spices. This masterpiece is carefully created to match the taste of their customers especially those who love sandwiches. 

Puffed Beef – This Yours Truly menu is made with a flour tortilla with very tender and flavorful slow cooked pulled beef that literally melts in your mouth topped with caramelized onions and fresh rocket. What you will like about their puffed beef is the taste. It is really something that you will never forget and I’m sure after trying this one this will be your new favorite. This beefy meal is their game-changer. Recommend for those who are always on the go, simple, easy to eat, and very delicious as well. 

Margherita – Their version of Margherita is really good. Made with thin-based dough then topped with some mozzarella cheese and seasoned with herbs and other spices. What’s great with their Margherita is you can actually eat everything unlike those with thick crust ones that some of us will never eat the edges. Great flavor and something lighter. A simple but delicious treat that you should try. 

Truly Yours Margherita Pizza Menu
Margherita Pizza – Not an actual photo (Photo Credit: pixabay)

Yours Truly Salad Menu

Yours truly offers different kinds of salads, their salad is made with selections of fresh vegetables. They actually have five salads to choose from. They have their signature Yours truly salad, Jan van Riebeeck salad, the honest salad, smoked chicken Capresso salad, and Mediterranean veg salad. Whatever salad you choose it’ll be delicious for sure.

Yours Truly Wraps

Yours Truly takes pride in finding the best and fine ingredients for its wraps menu. They offer a thing called design your own wrap based on your own taste but of course, they have store-based wraps that you can choose from. Those varieties are a roast veg wrap, puffed beef wrap, and lastly smoked chicken wrap. 

Truly Yours Wraps
Wraps – Not an actual photo (Photo Credit: pexels)

Yours Truly Menu Delivery

Tried checking if they have a food delivery service that offers however found none at the moment maybe soon they’ll have it right but no worries you can still order your favorite Yours Truly food items easily by using those third-party delivery services that are available within your area like Mr. D foods, SoFresh, Ordering, UCook and many more. 

How to Reach Yours Truly South Africa Staff?

If you ever wondered how to talk with them, you can contact their team from their contact number, or website, or send them a message via their Facebook account. Below, you’ll find the list to reach their team.



175 Long Street Contact Number: 021 422 3788

73 Kloof Street Contact Number: 021 426 2587


If you are a nature lover you’ll definitely love this restaurant. It’s a beautiful place to chill by yourself or with some friends, family, or colleagues. Great atmosphere, is very central and convenient to go plus the good music that they offer, Overall an awesome spot since their bar is beautiful as well. The menu prices of Truly Yours are affordable and the team that manages the restaurant is very nice, approachable, and friendly. Clean place to be honest and a well-maintained area. You’ll surely love not just the food but the place as well. Highly recommended for those who love to chill and relax while enjoying delicious foods.