Ocean Basket has some of the best seafood South Africa has to offer. The Ocean Basket menu is filled with delicious prawns, calamari, fish, mussels, squid, salmon, and more.

Here is the latest Ocean Basket menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice


Big Tasty (burger only)RM59.00
Big Tasty Meal (medium)RM72.50
Big Tasty Meal (large)RM82.50
Big Tasty Meal (extra large)RM89.50
Big Mac (burger only)RM31.00
Big Mac Meal (medium)RM39.90
Big Mac Meal (large)RM49.90
Big Mac Meal (extra large)RM56.90
Quarter Pounder with Cheese (burger only)RM40.50
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (medium)RM50.50
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (large)RM60.50
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (extra large)RM67.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (burger only)RM46.00
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (medium)RM64.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (large)RM74.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (extra large)RM81.50
McFeast (burger only)RM58.00
McFeast Meal (medium)RM71.50
McFeast Meal (large)RM81.50
McFeast Meal (extra large)RM88.50
McRoyale (burger only)RM40.50
McRoyale Meal (medium)RM54.00
McRoyale Meal (large)RM64.00
McRoyale Meal (extra large)RM71.00
Hamburger (burger only)RM16.00
Cheeseburger (burger only)RM18.50
Cheeseburger Meal (medium)RM32.50
Cheeseburger Meal (large)RM41.50
Cheeseburger Meal (extra large)RM48.50
Double Cheeseburger (burger only)RM28.00
Double Cheeseburger Meal (medium)RM42.00
Double Cheeseburger Meal (large)RM51.00
Double Cheeseburger Meal (extra large)RM58.50
Grand Chicken (burger only)RM44.50
Grand Chicken Meal (medium)RM59.50
Grand Chicken Meal (large)RM69.50
Grand Chicken Meal (extra large)RM76.50
Chicken Burger (burger only)RM18.00
Double Chicken Burger (burger only)RM26.50
McChicken (burger only)RM28.00
McChicken Meal (medium)RM34.90
McChicken Meal (large)RM44.90
McChicken Meal (extra large)RM51.90
Filet-O-Fish (burger only)RM28.00
Filet-O-Fish Meal (medium)RM46.50
Filet-O-Fish Meal (large)RM56.50
Filet-O-Fish Meal (extra large)RM63.50
Veggie Burger (burger only)RM23.50
Veggie Burger Meal (medium)RM42.50
Veggie Burger Meal (large)RM52.50
Veggie Burger Meal (extra large)RM59.50
Single Jalapeno Burger (burger only)RM18.50
Single Jalapeno Burger Meal (small)RM27.50
Double Jalapeno Burger (burger only)RM23.00
Double Jalapeno Burger Meal (medium)RM34.90
Single Boerie Burger (burger only)RM19.50
Single Boerie Burger Meal (small)RM27.50
Double Boerie Burger (burger only)RM23.00
Double Boerie Burger Meal (medium)RM34.90
Double BBQ Burger (burger only)RM23.00
Double BBQ Burger Meal (medium)RM39.90

Combo Meals

Quarter Pounder Sharebag (2 Quarter Pounders, 2 Cheeseburgers, 2 Medium Fries, 2 Small Fries, 10 Nuggets, 4 Drinks)RM180.00
Big Mac Sharebag (2 Big Macs, 2 Cheeseburgers, 2 Medium Fries, 2 Small Fries, 10 Nuggets, 4 DrinksRM177.00
Quarter Pounder Sharebag With Sundaes (2 Quarter Pounders, 2 Cheeseburgers, 2 Medium Fries, 2 Small Fries, 10 Nuggets, 4 Drinks, 4 Sundaes)RM226.60
Braamie Combo (4 Jalapeno Burgers, 4 Cheeseburgers, 8 Small Fries, 8 Small Drinks)RM189.90
Chilli Cheese Double Combo (2 Double Chilli Cheeseburgers, 2 Medium Fries, 2 Medium Drinks)RM79.80
Family Combo Beef (Quarter Pounder, Hamburger, McFeast, 2 Medium Fries, 2 Medium Drinks)RM146.90
Family Combo Chicken (Chicken Burger, Chicken Foldover, Grand Chicken Burger, 2 Medium Fries, 1 Small Fries, 2 Medium Drinks)RM142.90


Chicken Foldover (item only)RM44.00
Chicken Foldover Meal (medium)RM56.50
Chicken Foldover Meal (large)RM66.50
Chicken Foldover Meal (extra large)RM73.50
4pc McNuggetsRM23.50
6pc McNuggetsRM30.50
10pc McNuggetsRM44.00
10pc McBitesRM20.00
Garden SaladRM31.50
Crispy Chicken SaladRM52.50
Small FriesRM11.50
Medium FriesRM17.50
Large FriesRM20.50
Extra Large FriesRM25.50
Mini CornRM10.00
Medium CornRM15.00

Happy Meals

Cheeseburger Happy Meal with CornRM37.50
Cheeseburger Happy Meal with FriesRM37.00
Chicken Burger Happy Meal with CornRM36.50
Chicken Burger Happy Meal with FriesRM36.00
Hamburger Happy Meal with CornRM35.00
Hamburger Happy Meal with FriesRM34.50
McNuggets Happy Meal with CornRM38.50
McNuggets Happy Meal with FriesRM38.00


Oreo McFlurryRM26.50
Choc Caramel McFlurryRM26.50
Caramel SundaeRM18.00
Chocolate SundaeRM17.50
Strawberry SundaeRM18.00
Plain SundaeRM16.50
Apple PieRM17.50
Blueberry MuffinRM17.00
Choc Chip MuffinRM17.00


McFizz DrinkRM20.50
Peach Fuze TeaRM20.50
Orange JuiceRM16.00
Apple JuiceRM17.00
Small ThickshakeRM21.50
Medium ThickshakeRM25.50
Large ThickshakeRM28.50
Extra Large ThickshakeRM30.50
Small Soft DrinkRM11.90
Medium Soft DrinkRM13.90
Large Soft DrinkRM18.90
Extra Large Soft DrinkRM21.90
Hot Chocolate (small)RM22.50
Hot Chocolate (large)RM24.00
Cappuccino (small)RM19.00
Cappuccino (large)RM22.50
Latte (small)RM20.00
Latte (large)RM23.00
Filter White Coffee (small)RM16.00
Filter White Coffee (large)RM19.00
Americano (small)RM15.00
Americano (large)RM17.50

Breakfast Menu

Egg McMuffin (item only)RM23.00
Egg McMuffin MealRM38.00
Sausage McMuffin (item only)RM23.00
Sausage McMuffin MealRM37.00
Egg & Cheese McMuffin (item only)RM19.00
Egg & Cheese McMuffin MealRM35.50
Sausage McMuffin with Egg (item only)RM26.50
Sausage McMuffin with Egg MealRM39.00
Chicken McMuffin with Egg (item only)RM31.50
Chicken McMuffin with Egg MealRM44.50
Mega McMuffin (item only)RM32.50
Mega McMuffin MealRM44.50
Plain McMuffinRM15.50
Breakfast WrapRM27.50
Boerie Breakfast Bun, small orange juiceRM32.50
Boerie Breakfast Bun, small CappuccinoRM32.00
Big Breakfast® MealRM53.50
SA BreakfastRM42.50
SA Breakfast with CoffeeRM53.50

In South Africa, the name Ocean Basket is an assurance that only fresh, delicious seafood will be served on the table. The atmosphere of their restaurants the delicious meals on the Ocean Basket menu exudes a home-away-from-home feeling.

Tasty Food On The Ocean Basket Menu

It can bring almost anyone back to a harmonious scene where everyone in the family is sitting at a dinner table enjoying a hearty meal. Ocean Basket offers a selection of Mediterranean-inspired dishes made from fresh ingredients.

There are different salads like Med Salmon Bowl and Village Table Salad that pair very well with the fish menu which has their Famous Fish & Chips, Grilled Salmon, and many more.

You can order a range of different prawns as well as calamari, Mediterranean Dishes, Top Ups, Combos, Pick of the Season, Platters to Share, Tiny Treats, Desserts, and Drinks.

To finish it off, the Ocean Basket menu also featured a dedicated Sushi section and Kids Meals.

Ocean Basket’s menu also varies from season to season with hearty favourites being brought out for winter.

Ocean Basket Sushi Menu

Ocean Basket’s Sushi menu offers a wide variety to choose from. Choose one or choose all – there’s no right or wrong choice.

Each Sushi variety offers a distinct taste, which a diner may find refreshing.

The Sushi menu has the following categories:

  • Maki, Nigiri
  • Gunkans, Flower Gunkans
  • Futomaki, California Rolls, Rainbow Rolls,
  • Sashimi, and Platters.

Rainbow Rolls have Salmon & Avocado, while Sashimi has Salmon/Tuna.

The choices for Maki include Salmon, Crab Stick, and more. Nigiri offers Prawns, Salmon, and Tuna. Gunkans have Panko Prawn and Calamari.

Tuna Tulips, Spicy Salmon Roses, and Salmon Roses are the choices for Flower Gunkans.

Some Of The Sushi Available At Ocean Basket

California Rolls has many to offer, including Crunchy Athena and Coriander Bomb. Platters include Salmon Platter, Sushi for 1, and many more.

Specials At Ocean Basket

When it comes to sampling some fresh, flavorful, and delectable seafood, nothing beats ordering from the Ocean Basket menu. And getting some of their delicious food at special prices or on a deal makes it even better.

Don’t miss the latest discounts and promotions, sushi menu offers, and specials being offered by Ocean Basket. Diners can get more value for their money and enjoy a scrumptious meal.

The Ocean Basket Specials are Famous Fish & Chips, Prawns & Calamari, and Salmon Med Rice.

The Famous Fish & Chips use only the all-time favorite hake, which makes this dish stand out. The Prawns & Calamari is a tempting dish with prawn combos that usually have 6 prince prawns. The Salmon Med Rice is a splendid combination of Mediterranean veggies and mussels.

You’ll be almost guaranteed a delicious seafood meal when ordering from the Ocean Basket menu.

On top of amazing specials at Ocean Basket, they also care a lot about the environment which is why the recently introduced plastic-free straws to their restaurants.

Ocean Basket Menu Reviews

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I’ve been tempted by Ocean Basket since arriving in Africa 4 months ago. We had managed to resist it but when we had 4 hours at Johannesburg Airport and we had to go for it. We went for platter for two and we were not disappointed! The prawns were good, the calamari was gorgeous and the mussels were tender! It was the calamari heads which stole the show though! Considering this was an airport chain restaurant the food was excellent! . . . #sturdygrub #restaurant #review #instafood #foodporn #yummy #eatingfortheinsta #forkyeah #foodisfuel #eatright #tasty #food #massiveeats #lovetoeat #dinner #foodgasm #foodblogger #eating #chef #nomnom #foodgram #photooftheday #like #follow #foodie #followme #picoftheday #seafood

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About Ocean Basket South Africa

Ocean Basket is South Africa’s most loved seafood restaurant, first opening its doors in Menlyn Park, Pretoria in 1995.

Fats Lazarides had a vision of establishing a seafood restaurant that serves delicious dishes from the sea at the prices aiming to make if affordable for everyone to enjoy. At the time, seafood restaurants were famous for their amazing tastes and extravagant prices. Fats wanted to change all that.

Fats had always been someone who was not afraid to swim against the current. The first restaurant serving the Ocean Basket menu had only six tables in the confines of its 60 square meters establishment. They only had a handful of dishes and limited choices of drinks.

Fats was born to serve.

He called his customers by their names and did not stop testing dishes that may bring satisfaction to the customers. Today, all team members at Ocean Basket follows the same dedication and kind of service.

Ocean Basket continues to be a great place to eat and work at – with one of their former waiters loving the restaurants so much he decided to franchise one.

Talk To Someone At Ocean Basket South Africa

Want to talk to someone about the Ocean Basket menu? You can send a message to their staff on social media:

If you still have some questions you’d like answered about the Ocean Basket menu, leave your thoughts below.

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