Restaurant Prices in South Africa

Awara Menu South Africa

Awara Menu

The Awara Menu features some of the best modern Indian food that you can find. Their menu covers different cuisines but they mainly focus on the culture of the Middle East.

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La Parada Menu South Africa

La Parada Menu

The La Parada Menu features some of the best dishes available in Cape Town. They serve a wide array of dishes which include tapas, pizzas, main courses, signature salads, sushi, kiddie meals, and much much more!

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Strolla Menu South Africa

Strolla Menu

The Strolla Menu features some of the greatest menu items in all of Cape Town. They offer everything from alcohol, pizzas, pasta, and kiddie meals; anything you can think of!

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Meloncino Menu South Africa

Meloncino Menu

The Meloncino Menu features the best Roman and Italian food that you will ever try. They offer a variety of things such as pasta, desserts, mains, and more!

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Active Sushi Menu South Africa

Active Sushi Menu

Contrary to their name, the Active Sushi Menu shows more than sushi. A lot of Japanese cuisine’s tastiest and most popular dishes are there for you to enjoy.

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Sotano Menu South Africa

Sotano Menu

The Sotano menu features amazing beverages and dishes that are fit for any occasion. Through their social media pages, you will see an amazing atmosphere that they create.

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