South African Burgers At Burger King

Burger King has been perfecting their burgers for many years now. And their menu has grown to feature a huge range of different burgers, sandwiches, and sides.

Here’s the Burger King menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice (R)


Whopper with Cheese (burger only)41.90
Whopper with Cheese Meal (regular)62.90
Whopper with Cheese Meal (large)73.90
Double Whopper with Cheese (burger only)52.90
Double Whopper with Cheese Meal (regular)73.90
Double Whopper with Cheese Meal (large)84.90
Fierce Whopper (burger only)45.90
Fierce Whopper Meal (regular)66.90
Fierce Whopper Meal (large)77.90
Cheeseburger (burger only)21.90
Cheeseburger Meal (regular)42.90
Cheeseburger Meal (large)53.90
Big King (burger only)34.90
Big King Meal (regular)44.90
Big King Meal (large)55.90
Big King XXL (burger only)56.90
Big King XXL Meal (regular)73.90
Big King XXL Meal (large)84.90
Chilli Cheeseburger (burger only)23.90
Chilli Cheeseburger Meal (regular)44.90
Chilli Cheeseburger Meal (large)55.90
Double Chilli Cheeseburger (burger only)34.90
Double Chilli Cheeseburger Meal (regular)55.90
Double Chilli Cheeseburger Meal (large)66.90
Double Whopper Jr. with Cheese (burger only)43.90
Double Whopper Jr. with Cheese Meal (regular)64.90
Double Whopper Jr. with Cheese Meal (large)75.90
Extra Long Chilli Cheese (burger only)44.90
Extra Long Chilli Cheese Meal (regular)44.90
Extra Long Chilli Cheese Meal (large)65.90
Chicken Tendercrisp with Cheese (burger only)47.90
Chicken Tendercrisp with Cheese Meal (regular)68.90
Chicken Tendercrisp with Cheese Meal (large)79.90
Chilli Cheese Chicken (burger only)46.90
Chilli Cheese Chicken Meal (regular)67.90
Chilli Cheese Chicken Meal (large)78.90
Original Chicken (burger only)36.90
Original Chicken Meal (regular)57.90
Original Chicken Meal (large)68.90
Chicken with Cheese (burger only)41.90
Chicken with Cheese Meal (regular)62.90
Chicken with Cheese Meal (large)73.90
Crispy Chicken with Cheese (burger only)32.90
Crispy Chicken with Cheese Meal (regular)53.90
Crispy Chicken with Cheese Meal (large)64.90


Chicken Wings (4pc)26.00
Chicken Wings (6pc)31.00
Chicken Wings (8pc)40.90
Chicken Wings (12pc)59.90
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (4pc)35.00
Chilli Cheese Bites (4pc)27.00
Chilli Cheese Bites (6pc)39.00
Fries (small)13.00
Fries (regular)18.90
Fries (large)21.00
Chicken Nuggets (6pc)25.00
Chicken Nuggets (9pc)35.00
Chicken Nuggets (12pc)45.00
Onion Rings (6pc)15.00
Onion Rings (9pc)20.00


BK Fusion25.90
Ice Cream Cone7.00
Classic Malva Pudding25.90


Fountain Drink (small)13.00
Fountain Drink (regular)17.00
Fountain Drink (large)20.00
King Shake (small)16.00
King Shake (regular)22.00
King Shake (large)26.00
Coffee (small)15.00
Coffee (regular)16.00
Cappuccino (small)15.00
Cappuccino (regular)20.00
Caffe Latte (small)16.00
Caffe Latte (regular)20.00
Latte Macciato (small)15.00
Latte Macciato (regular)20.00
Hot Chocolate (small)15.00
Hot Chocolate (regular)20.00
Hot Tea10.00

2023 Burger King Menu Updates

Burger King has updated many of their items on the menu with prices increasing for a lot of its burgers.

Burger King has a big task to live up to the taste buds of the more than 11 million people who walk through its doors each year. Thankfully, they’ve been in the business for more than a little while and have nearly perfected the way of cooking a delicious flame-grilled burger.

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It’s no different in South Africa. Burger King’s South African menu delivers variety, taste, and value. So if you’re looking for one of the better burgers served up in the country, head on down to your local Burger King and enjoy one of their world-famous burgers.

In addition to their burgers, they’ve got a range of sandwiches to feast on, and plenty of sides to accompany your meal.

Burgers got you feeling sick and tired? Time for a pizza. The Debonairs menu in South Africa has all your pizza cravings covered.

With a range of premium ingredients being used in all of their burgers and each of the burger combinations being designed by a range of experts and tested beyond belief, it’s most certainly a difficult task to decide which burgers are best on the Burger King menu.

Of course, if you’re after an instant classic that’ll most certainly bring a smile to your face, you can’t go wrong with the Whopper. A flame-grilled patty, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a delicious sauce on top. Beef it up a little and get the Double Whopper if that’s your thing.

Whopper after whopper may get a little boring after a while, but don’t worry. Burger King didn’t earn their reputation by creating a boring menu. There are plenty of different burgers to choose from that’ll keep your taste buds entertained for days.

Burger King Fierce Whopper

Burger King Fierce Whopper

Other classic creations include the Fierce Whopper – a spicy alternative to the classic Whopper. And if beef isn’t really for you, there are plenty of delicious chicken creations available as well.

Take the BK Crunch, a crispy fillet of chicken topped with a fair portion of salad. So good it even competes with the burgers on the KFC menu.

About Burger King South Africa

The famous BK brand was first seen in America in 1953, although it was Burger King back then, but rather, Insta-Burger King. Matthew Burns and Keith J. Kramer first created the brand in Jacksonville, Florida.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep up the business and had to sell the brand to David Edgerton and James McLamore just one year later in 1954. These were the two who renamed the brand to the Burger King we see today.

Over the next 50 years, the brand continued to change ownership time and time again. Today, it’s owned by the company that also owns Popeyes and Tim Hortons – Restaurant Brands International.

It took far longer than many thought for South Africans to get their first taste of the Burger King Menu, with the first restaurant opening in Western Cape in 2013.

Today, there are Burger King restaurants all over South Africa – something many locals enjoy. Although it can be easy to get sick of burgers over and over again, which is why when many South Aricans are looking for something a little different, they head down and order from the Nandos menu instead.

Talk To Someone At Burger King

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When you’ve finished dining on your burgers, you’ll know you’ve received great value for money from the menu at Burger King. In particular, Burger King in South Africa has spent many years creating a reputable burger chain. So much so, they compete with some of the best burgers in the country from the Steers menu.

If you have any more questions about what’s on the menu at Burger King, leave a message in the comments below.

Enjoy your burgers!