Steers Restaurant In South Africa

Steers is one of the most popular burger chains in South Africa. On top of their juicy burgers, the Steers menu is filled with delicious chicken, tender ribs, and much more.

Here’s the Steers menu with prices:

Menu ItemPrice (R)


Rave Snack Beef Burger17.90
Rave Snack Beef Burger with Chips28.90
Rave Snack Beef Burger Combo38.90
Steers Snack Beef Burger18.90
Steers Snack Beef Burger with Chips29.90
Steers Snack Beef Burger Combo39.90
Chicken Snack Burger19.90
Chicken Snack Burger with Chips31.90
Chicken Snack Burger Combo42.90
Cheese Snack Burger22.90
Cheese Snack Burger with Chips33.90
Cheese Snack Burger Combo44.90
King Steer Snack Burger31.90
King Steer Snack Burger with Chips42.90
King Steer Snack Burger Combo53.90
Rave Beef Burger29.90
Rave Beef Burger with Chips41.90
Rave Beef Burger Combo53.90
Original Steers Beef Burger35.90
Original Steers Beef Burger with Chips47.90
Original Steers Beef Burger Combo59.90
Classic Beef Burger49.90
Classic Beef Burger with Chips56.90
Classic Beef Burger Combo68.90
Original Chicken Burger38.90
Original Chicken Burger with Chips50.90
Original Chicken Burger Combo62.90
Cheese Chicken Burger42.90
Cheese Chicken Burger with Chips54.90
Cheese Chicken Burger Combo66.90
Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger53.90
Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger with Chips65.90
Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger Combo77.90
Original Cheeseburger41.90
Original Cheeseburger with Chips53.90
Original Cheeseburger Combo65.90
Hawaiian Cheeseburger45.90
Hawaiian Cheeseburger with Chips57.90
Hawaiian Cheeseburger Combo69.90
Bacon Cheeseburger53.90
Bacon Cheeseburger with Chips65.90
Bacon Cheeseburger Combo78.90
Prince Cheeseburger49.90
Prince Cheeseburger with Chips61.90
Prince Cheeseburger Combo73.90
Original Ribster Burger32.90
Original Ribster Burger with Chips44.90
Original Ribster Burger Combo56.90
Cheese Ribster Burger36.90
Cheese Ribster Burger with Chips48.90
Cheese Ribster Burger Combo60.90
Original Veggie Burger34.90
Original Veggie Burger with Chips46.90
Original Veggie Burger Combo58.90
Mushroom Veggie Burger24.90
Mushroom Veggie Burger with Chips36.90
Mushroom Veggie Burger Combo48.90
Chicken-Style Veggie Burger39.90
Chicken-Style Veggie Burger with Chips52.90
Chicken-Style Veggie Burger Combo64.90
Beef-Style Veggie Burger49.90
Beef-Style Veggie Burger with Chips62.90
Beef-Style Veggie Burger Combo74.90
Original Steak Burger64.90
Original Steak Burger with Chips77.90
Original Steak Burger Combo89.90
Bacon & Cheese Steak Burger74.90
Bacon & Cheese Steak Burger with Chips87.90
Bacon & Cheese Steak Burger Combo99.90
Bare Beef Burger59.90
Bare Beef Burger with Chips73.90
Bare Beef Burger Combo86.90
Bare Chicken Burger64.90
Bare Chicken Burger with Chips78.90
Bare Chicken Burger Combo91.90

King Steer Burgers

Original King Burger66.90
Original King Burger with Chips81.90
Original King Burger Combo94.90
Big Bacon King Burger77.90
Big Bacon King Burger with Chips92.90
Big Bacon King Burger Combo105.90
Hawaiian King Burger70.90
Hawaiian King Burger with Chips85.90
Hawaiian King Burger Combo98.90
Mighty King Burger91.90
Mighty King Burger with Chips106.90
Mighty King Burger Combo119.90

Flamed-Grilled Chicken

1/4 Chicken46.90
1/4 Chicken with Chips59.90
1/4 Chicken Combo69.90
1/2 Chicken82.90
1/2 Chicken with Chips97.90
1/2 Chicken Combo109.90
1/2 Chicken & Pork Rib Rack159.90
1/2 Chicken & Pork Rib Rack with Chips169.90
1/2 Chicken & Pork Rib Rack Meal Combo187.90
Full Chicken147.90
Full Chicken with Chips169.90
Full Chicken Combo189.90

BBQ Ribs

Pork Rib Snack with Chips59.90
Pork Rib Snack Combo71.90
Pork Rib Rack with Chips104.90
Pork Rib Rack Combo119.90
Pork Rib Feast with Chips154.90
Pork Rib Feast Combo169.90
Double Pork Rack with Chips184.90
Double Pork Rack Combo199.90

Meals For Sharing

Meal 1 - 4 Original Ribster Burgers + 2 Med. Chips144.90
Meal 2 - 4 Original Steers Burgers + 2 Med. Chips149.90
Meal 3 - 2 Original King Burgers + 2 Original Steers Burgers + 2 Med. Chips199.90
Meal 4 - 2 Original King Burgers + 1 Large Chips149.90
Meal 5 - Full Chicken + Large Chips + Green Salad + 4 Rolls214.90


Green Salad (small)29.90
Green Salad (large)39.90
Greek Salad (small)36.90
Greek Salad (large)49.90
Chicken Salad (small)49.90
Chicken Salad (large)77.90

Hand-Cut Chips

Classic Chips (regular)15.90
Classic Chips (medium)19.90
Classic Chips (large)27.90
Classic Chips (extra-large)74.90
Cheesy Chips (medium)29.90
Cheesy Chips (large)39.90
Cheesy Chips (extra-large)98.90

Drinks + Desserts

Sweet Stix (6)25.90
Sweet Stix (12)49.90
Dipping Sauce9.90
Vanilla Cake Swirl16.90
Chocolate Cake Swirl19.90
Caramel Cake Swirl19.90
Thick Shake (small)25.90
Thick Shake (large)29.90
Chocolate Ice Cream Swirl17.90
Strawberry Ice Cream Swirl17.90
Cream Soda Ice Cream Swirl17.90
Classic Cone6.90
Classic Cup14.90
Caramel Dip Cone14.90
Caramel Dip Cup18.90
Chocolate Dip Cone14.90
Chocolate Dip Cup18.90
Chocolate Ripple Cone14.90
Chocolate Ripple Cup19.90

Steers Wacky Wednesday

Anyone who tries the burgers from Steers may end up with a craving for much more. The mouthwatering, succulent burger patties are simply amazing. Add some onion, lettuce, mayo, mustard, gherkins, tomato, and BBQ sauce – and you’ve got yourself one world-class burger.

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This gets even better on Wednesdays when some of the most famous Steers specials are on – known as Wacky Wednesday. Instead of getting one burger, you can get 2 for the price of 1. So head down, bring a mate, and enjoy their delicious burgers.

Wacky Wednesday On The Steers Menu
The Famous Steers Wacky Wednesday

What better way to enjoy Hump Day than with a Steers burger? There is none.

The most popular food on the Steers menu is their classic burger, with their hand-cut chips coming in a close second.

Nearly all of their customers who take a bite of the juicy burgers get hooked from that point forward. The craving is established and the need for a Steers burger is always sitting at the back of your mind.

Steers has been specializing in flame-grilled burgers since the beginning. And for the past eighteen years or so, it has been voted the best burger in Johannesburg.

🍔+🍍 = 🏖 Our NEW Hawaiian King Steer Burger and Hawaiian Cheese Burger will take your taste buds on a trip to a tropical paradise!

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The meat burger is made of 100% pure, fresh beef – just one of many reasons Steers are able to produce such high-quality and delicious burgers.

All the ingredients used at Steers are guaranteed fresh. They make sure all their restaurants maintain the same quality and taste that the people come to love from the famous Steers menu.

What’s On The Steers Menu

When it comes to burgers and chips in South Africa, nearly no other fast food restaurants can compare to their delicious menu. Of course, there are a few who come close, just take a look at the KFC menu if you fancy a bit of fried chicken instead.

A few of the more common items being ordered at Steers include their famous burgers, flame-grilled chicken, salads, ribs, sweet desserts, and their perfectly cooked hand-cut chips. In fact, Steers stands behind the quality of their fries so much that they recently took McClain to the regulatory board about their claim of South Africa’s #1 Chip.

If it’s not just you who’ll be dining at Steers, don’t worry – there are plenty of family meals on offer as well. Most of these usually consist of a variety of burgers and fries.

Keep in mind, in order to remain competitive with other restaurant menus, such as the Debonairs menu, the Steers menu you see here today is constantly changing and adapting each year. Remember – this is a good thing! How boring would it be to eat the same burgers at Steers every year?

Steers Menu Changes in 2023

If you haven’t visited a Steers restaurant recently, you may be a little taken back at some of the changes they’ve made to their menu in 2023.

First up – say goodbye to their pitas. Not just a specific type, no, they’ve been completely wiped from their menu. Must’ve been less popular than people thought. In saying that, out with the old and in with the new.

Steers Pita Burgers
You Won’t Find These At Steers Anymore

Steers have expanded on their veggie burgers to keep in line with trending customer tastes. Stemming from the Original Veggie Burger, you’ll now be able to dine on Mushroom, Chicken-Style, and Beef-Style Veggie burgers at Steers if meat’s not for you.

Those are a few of the latest updates we’ve seen on the Steers menu in 2023. It’ll be interesting to see what’s further to come.

About Steers South Africa

George Halamandaris was the first to introduce the burger/steakhouse concept to South Africa in the 1960s after he spent some time in the United States. He was the founder of Steers and the now delicious Steers menu that goes with it.

One Of The Many Steers Restaurants In South Africa
One Of The Many Steers Restaurants In South Africa

Steers was once called Golden Spur. It’s also had names like Seven Steer, Branded Steer, and Longhorn Steer. It just seems right that they’ve stuck with the simple Steers – short and sweet.

In 1970, it was his son John Halamandaris who opened the first Steers store that most South Africans visit today. The locals must’ve loved it so much, otherwise, Steers would be nowhere near as big as they are today. Even competing with one of the most famous South African menus in the world, the Nandos menu.

During the past decades, Steers has opened many stores all over South Africa. This expansion will hopefully continue, not just in South Africa, but into the rest of the world as well.

It’s time more countries got to enjoy the beautiful creations that are known as the Steers burgers.

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Talk To Their Staff

Want to talk to someone about the Steers menu? Feel free to send them a message on social media:

Otherwise, if you have any more questions about the menu at Steers, the prices for their burgers, or want some more info about Wacky Wednesday, leave a message below.

Enjoy your burgers!