Debonairs Pizza Restaurant In South Africa

Debonairs pizza is some of the best in South Africa. The Debonairs pizza menu includes a huge range of different varsities for you to order as well as plenty of sides to choose from.

Here is the latest Debonairs menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice (R)

Pizza Menu

Club Meat Pizza (small)47.90
Club Meat Pizza (medium)79.90
Club Meat Pizza (large)114.90
Something Meaty (small)47.90
Something Meaty (medium)79.90
Something Meaty (large)114.90
Beef Steak & Mushroom (small)41.90
Beef Steak & Mushroom (medium)71.90
Beef Steak & Mushroom (large)106.90
Mexican Fiesta (small)41.90
Mexican Fiesta (medium)69.90
Mexican Fiesta (large)101.90
Four Seasons (small)41.90
Four Seasons (medium)69.90
Four Seasons (large)101.90
Hawaiian (small)36.90
Hawaiian (medium)64.90
Hawaiian (large)89.90
Tikka Chicken (small)47.90
Tikka Chicken (medium)79.90
Tikka Chicken (large)114.90
Chicken & Mushroom (small)41.90
Chicken & Mushroom (medium)71.90
Chicken & Mushroom (large)106.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (small)39.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (medium)67.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (large)99.90
BBQ Chicken (small)39.90
BBQ Chicken (medium)67.90
BBQ Chicken (large)99.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken (small)38.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken (medium)66.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken (large)94.90
Original Veggie (small)36.90
Original Veggie (medium)64.90
Original Veggie (large)89.90
3 Cheese (small)35.90
3 Cheese (medium)61.90
3 Cheese (large)86.90
Red Hot Veggie (small)35.90
Red Hot Veggie (medium)61.90
Red Hot Veggie (large)86.90
Classic Margherita (small)22.90
Classic Margherita (medium)45.90
Classic Margherita (large)64.90
+Double Stack44.90
+Crammed Crust49.90

Specialty Pizzas

Triple-Decker (small)64.90
Triple-Decker (large)164.90

Extra Toppings (large pizza)

Standard Extra Toppings9.90
Premium Extra Toppings12.90
High-Premium Extra Toppings20.90
Extra Cheese20.90


Death By Chocolate64.90
Donut Dippers64.90
BBQ Chicken Wings54.90
Cocktail Cheese Grillers39.90
Cheese & Garlic Bread Ripper34.90

Regular Subs

Something Meaty Sub79.90
Club Sub79.90
Tikka Chicken Sub77.90
Chicken & Mushroom Sub74.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken Sub69.90
Vegetarian Sub66.90
Cheese & Garlic Sub59.90

Menu Updates

2023 has brought quite a few price increases to many of the pizzas at Debonairs. Increasing between R5.00 to R10.00 per pizza across.

Here are some of the latest photos of the menu:

Debonairs South Africa Pizza Menu 2021 Front
Debonairs South Africa Pizza Menu Front
Debonairs South Africa Pizza Menu 2021 Back
Debonairs South Africa Pizza Menu Back

There were very few changes to the Debonairs menu. Taking a look at their classic pizzas available, there has been almost no change in the types of pizzas available and their prices. Although one or two have gone up by about R1.00 to R5.00 – a minimal increase.

A big change Debonairs seems to have done, however, is the removal of their classic combo deals in favour for something new. It’s a shame as they were really good value for money.

Of course, if you’re all pizza’d out, how does some classic fried chicken sound? Head over and check out the KFC menu to see if anything they have tickles your fancy.

Debonair means charming, stylish, and confident – bring them all together and you’ve got exactly what the pizzas at Debonairs stand for.

There are more than a few different types of pizzas you can order in nearly every combination you can think of. You’ll find the classics including their Meat Pizzas, Chicken Pizzas, and Vegetarian Pizzas. As well as a variety of special and unique pizzas changing with customer trends.

Extra Toppings You Can Add On Your Debonairs Pizza
Extra Toppings You Can Add On Your Debonairs Pizza

On top of the famously delicious pizzas, there are also sub sandwiches. If you’re after a little break from pizza why not order the Something Meaty Sub or the Tikka Chicken Sub – both delicious creations.

Pizza or subs not doing it for you anymore? There’s also some delicious burgers around the corner. Take a look at the Steers menu for all their burgers and famous hand-cut chips.

Debonairs Specials

Aside from delicious and flavorful pizzas, Debonairs also offers awesome deals that are too good to resist. The deals are usually offered for limited time frames so it’s best to get around them as soon as possible.

These deals are typically offered on their website or their app which is available on iOS and Android.

Online deals are also available on Cram-Decker. It offers Add On Awesome and Corporate Catering Meal. The Cram-Decker has special price offer.

Best Pizza At Debonairs

The most popular pizza on the menu is Triple-Decker – period. It comes in four varieties namely Meaty, Chicken, BBQ Steak, and Creamy Chicken.

All Triple-Decker varieties have three layers and three cheeses. All have the following inside: secret cream cheese, tomato & herb pizza sauce & mozzarella, and cheddar & mozzarella.

Pizzas Available On The Debonairs Menu
Pizzas Available At Debonairs

The Meaty Triple-Decker’s ingredients include ground beef, spare rib, ham, onion, and BBQ sauce. Chicken, fresh tomato, mushroom, onion, and sweet bell pepper are the additional ingredients to complete the Chicken Triple-Decker Pizza.

Finally – the BBQ Beef Steak Triple-Decker has beef steak pieces, mushrooms, onion, and BBQ sauce. The Creamy Chicken needs chicken, diced tomato, mushroom, onion, and Debonairs sauce to complete it.

All in all, if you aren’t that fussy with you ingredients, you’ll likely love anything you order from the Debonairs menu – whether it be their famous pizzas, a sub, or some of their fresh sides.

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About Debonairs South Africa

Two college students, namely Craig McKenzie and Andrew Harvey, from South Africa started it all back in 1991 when the first Debonairs opened. It was McKenzie who came up with the idea after he went to Los Angeles for a gap-year trip.

At the time, takeouts were limited in South Africa and delivery was almost nonexistent. Andrew Harvey possessed computer knowledge, and he designed and set up the delivery system.

The pizzas were initially made in the bakery section of the supermarket of the McKenzie family.

To create the Debonair image that the young partners wanted to project, two young men with bow ties delivered the pizzas. They were the first ones to offer online ordering, free delivery, and promised to deliver them hot and fresh.

Talk To Someone At Debonairs South Africa

Have some more questions you’d like answered about the Debonairs menu? Feel free to hit up some of their staff on social media:

To sum it up – there are a wide range of delicious pizzas on the menu at Debonairs. Head on down to one of their stores, give them a call, or order online and you’ll be feasting on one of their tasty creations in time.

Still have questions about the Debonairs pizza menu? Leave a message below.

Otherwise, enjoy your pizza!