Spur is one of the most popular steak ranch restaurants in South Africa. The Spur menu features juicy steaks, tender ribs, fresh seafood, and plenty of delicious sides to choose from.

Here is the latest Spur menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice


Rave Snack Beef BurgerR16.90
Rave Snack Beef Burger MealR38.90
Steers Snack Beef BurgerR17.90
Steers Snack Beef Burger MealR39.90
Rave Beef BurgerR30.90
Rave Beef Burger MealR53.90
Original Steers Beef BurgerR35.90
Original Steers Beef Burger MealR58.90
Classic Beef BurgerR47.90
Classic Beef Burger MealR70.90
Snack Chicken BurgerR18.90
Snack Chicken Burger MealR40.90
Original Chicken BurgerR37.90
Original Chicken Burger MealR60.90
Cheese Chicken BurgerR42.90
Cheese Chicken Burger MealR65.90
Bacon & CheeseR50.90
Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger MealR73.90
Bacon, Feta & Guacamole Chicken BurgerR54.90
Bacon, Feta & Guacamole Chicken Burger MealR77.90
Snack CheeseburgerR19.90
Snack Cheeseburger MealR41.90
Original CheeseburgerR39.90
Original Cheeseburger MealR62.90
Jalapeno Mayo CheeseburgerR39.90
Jalapeno Mayo Cheeseburger MealR62.90
Prince CheeseburgerR49.90
Prince Cheeseburger MealR72.90
Bacon CheeseburgerR50.90
Bacon Cheeseburger MealR73.90
Mexican CheeseburgerR52.90
Mexican Cheeseburger MealR75.90
Crispy Onion Bacon CheeseburgerR52.90
Crispy Onion Bacon Cheeseburger MealR75.90
Bacon Guacamole CheeseburgerR52.90
Bacon Guacamole Cheeseburger MealR75.90
Original Ribster BurgerR29.90
Original Ribster Burger MealR52.90
Cheese Ribster BurgerR34.90
Cheese Ribster Burger MealR57.90
Original Veggie BurgerR34.90
Original Veggie Burger MealR57.90

King Steer Burgers

Snack King BurgerR30.90
Snack King Burger MealR53.90
Original King BurgerR62.90
Original King Burger MealR87.90
Big Bacon King BurgerR74.90
Big Bacon King Burger MealR99.90
Mexican King BurgerR74.90
Mexican King Burger MealR99.90
Mighty King BurgerR89.90
Mighty King Burger MealR114.90

Flamed-Grilled Chicken

1/4 ChickenR39.90
1/4 Chicken MealR62.90
1/4 Chicken & BunR43.90
1/4 Chicken & Bun MealR66.90
1/4 Chicken & Green SaladR69.90
1/2 ChickenR73.90
1/2 Chicken MealR98.90
1/2 Chicken & Pork Rib RackR139.90
1/2 Chicken & Pork Rib Rack MealR164.90
Full ChickenR129.90
Full Chicken MealR169.90
Full Chicken & Green SaladR166.90

Pita Burgers

Pork Rib & Cheese PitaR33.90
Pork Rib & Cheese Pita MealR56.90
Beef & Cheese PitaR35.90
Beef & Cheese Pita MealR58.90
Chicken & Cheese PitaR38.90
Chicken & Cheese Pita MealR61.90

BBQ Ribs

Pork Rib SnackR62.90
Pork Rib Snack MealR72.90
Single Pork RackR99.90
Single Pork Rack MealR111.90
Pork Rib FeastR149.90
Pork Rib Feast MealR161.90
Double Pork RackR172.90
Double Pork Rack MealR184.90

Meals For Sharing

4 Original Ribster Burgers + 2 Med. ChipsR139.90
4 Original Steers Burgers + 2 Med. ChipsR149.90
2 Original King Burgers + 2 Original Steers Burgers + 2 Med. ChipsR199.90

Hand-Cut Chips

Classic Chips (regular)R15.90
Classic Chips (medium)R19.90
Classic Chips (large)R27.90
Classic Chips (extra-large)R74.90
Spicy Chips (medium)R24.90
Spicy Chips (large)R29.90
Spicy Chips (extra-large)R94.90
Cheesy Chips (medium)R26.90
Cheesy Chips (large)R34.90
Cheesy Chips (extra-large)R94.90

Drinks + Desserts

Thick Shake (regular)R24.90
Thick Shake (large)R28.90
Fruity Shake (regular)R29.90
Fruity Shake (large)R37.90
Chocolate Ice Cream SwirlR16.90
Strawberry Ice Cream SwirlR16.90
Caramel Fudge Ice Cream SwirlR24.90
Candy-Chocs Ice Cream SwirlR25.90
Aero Caramel Ice Cream SwirlR29.90
Classic ConeR5.90
Caramel DipR13.90
Chocolate DipR13.90
Chocolate RippleR13.90

Spur Specials

Spur Steak Ranches have the following specials available on the Spur menu:

  • Unreal Breakfast Special
  • The Classic R55 Burger
  • Spur Waffle Offer, and
  • New Spur Canyon Cups.

The Unreal Breakfast Special, which is more than enough to power even the most demanding days, is served daily until 11:00 a.m.  The Classic R55 Burger and Spur Waffle Offer are available all day during Mondays and the Spur Canyon Cups are available any time unless otherwise stated.

On the Classic R55 Burger you’ll find a single original Spur Beef, Chicken, and Rib or Soya Burger.

Waffle Special On The Spur Menu

The Spur Waffle Offer on the Spur menu includes the classic waffle with caramel syrup or ice cream on top. The Spur Canyons Cups come in different flavors. They are creamy soft and served with sweet toppings and sauce. For every sold Spur Canyon Cups, a part of it is donated to the Full Tummy Fund.

Nobody has tasted all the best steaks and burgers until they try Spur Steak Ranches. Aside from the tasty steaks and burgers on the Spur menu, there are other scrumptious dishes for the whole family.

Sample Of The Food Available At Spur Steak Ranches

They offer sizzling starters, meals that are great for sharing, salads & sides, legendary steaks, ribs, grills & combos, schnitzels & seafood, burgers, desserts, breakfast, kid’s meal, and drinks.

The appetizing Spur starters will surely stimulate the taste buds. It includes Cheesy Quesadilla, Chicken Strips, and many more.

On top of that, they have dishes that are great for sharing, such as Buffalo Wings. Their salads and sides include Greek Salad, Chicken, Avo & Bacon Salad, and others. Feast on the legendary steaks, such as Chargrilled Rump, Spur T-Bone Steak, and many more.

If you want to stick with some of the classics on the Spur menu, stick with their tried-and-tested burgers – Original Spur Burger, Rib Burger, and more.

The steaks and burgers available on the Spur menu at many of their steak ranches around South Africa are wildly popular among many of their loyal customer whom return to enjoy their meals time and time again.

One section of their menu is called Legendary Steaks and it contains a list of delightful steaks, which can turn lunch or dinner into something amazing. All the steaks are meticulously aged and chargrilled using a unique technique that only the trained chefs at Spur can carry out.

The mouthwatering burgers of Spur Steak Ranches never fail to entice a foodie’s taste buds. Every diner has a choice to enjoy their juicy burgers in single or stacked. They can also choose beef, chicken, rib or soya burger.

Choose one or choose all of them, you’ll almost be certain to have an enjoyable meal ordering from the Spur menu each time. The price, portion, and taste are just right.

Spur Food Reviews


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About Spur South Africa

Spur Steak Ranches have been serving delightful meals and memories for almost 50 years. It was the year 1967 when Allen Ambor, executive chairman and founder of the company, started the Golden Spur in Newlands, Cape Town.


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Ever since then, Spur Steak Ranches played an important part in the South African family tradition. Through the years, the restaurant not only served heart-warming, delicious meals from the Spur menu but also witnessed countless unforgettable memories.

Like many companies, Spur Steak Ranches also has its share of controversies as it began to gain global recognition. However, it managed to overcome the hurdles and continues to bring delightful meals and create wonderful memories for their visitors until now.

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