Fishaways specialises in everything Seafood. Their menu has fresh grilled or fried fish, calamari, prawns, and a whole lot more.

Here’s the Fishaways menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice (R)

Single Eats

Hake Meal (small)36.90
Hake Meal (medium)59.90
Hake Meal (large)79.90
Seafood Hot Pots44.90
Seafood Paella79.90
Hake & Calamari Tubes89.90
Hake & Calamari Strips86.90
Grilled Hake Meal68.90
Hake Wrap39.90
Basa Wrap39.90
Calamari Wrap42.90
Prawn Wrap49.90
Burger Meal with Chips46.90
Good Life Meal54.90
Platter For One99.90

Meals Under 500cal

Basa & Pine Wrap49.90
Honey Soy Fish Wrap49.90
Grilled Hake & Veg Stir Fry52.90
Fishcakes & Green Salad54.90
Honey Soy Fish Pot54.90
Rainbow Shrimp Salad76.90

Sharing Meals

Double Up Meal82.90
Hake & Calamari Platter104.90
Hake & Fishcake Platter126.90
Snack Platter104.90
Platter For Two 186.90
Family Platter199.90
Sharing Meal for Three142.90


Hake Slider16.90
Hake Slider with Chips27.90
Hake Slider Combo Meal41.90
Calamari Slider19.90
Calamari Slider with Chips30.90
Calamari Slider Combo Meal44.90
Hake & Onion Rings Slider17.90
Hake & Onion Rings Slider with Chips28.90
Hake & Onion Rings Slider Combo Meal42.90
Onion Rings14.90
Pop Prawns36.90
Sriracha Pop Prawns39.90
Fish Pops34.90
Squiggly Pops29.90
Veggie Pops29.90
Hake Nuggets34.90
Calamari Strips34.90
Shrimp Fried Rice34.90


Chips (small)19.90
Chips (medium)24.90
Chips (large)29.90
Chips (extra large)42.90
Rice (small)19.90
Rice (medium)24.90
Rice (large)29.90
Burger Roll8.90
Veg Stir-Fry29.90
Hake Fillet (regular)28.90
Hake Fillet (medium)39.90
Hake Fillet (large)56.90
Coleslaw (regular)24.90
Sriracha Coleslaw (regular)26.90
Green Salad (regular)29.90
Green Salad (large)32.90
Greek Salad (regular)36.90
Greek Salad (large)42.90
Extra Sauce4.90

2020 Fishaways Menu Updates

Good news everyone! The prices for the famous Hake meals haven’t changed a cent so far in 2020. No change in price was seen for their small, medium, or large Hake meals.

However, they have been mild increase in prices for a variety of their other dishes. Most of the meals on the sharing section have increased by about RM2.00, with various other meals and individual dishes also increasing by RM2.00.

Meals For Under 500 Calories At Fishaways

2020 has also seen a completely new section added to their menu, thanks to the every increasing health consciousness of the consumer. Under 500cal is the name, and it features a range of delicious meals all for under 500 calories. Check out all the options further up.

What Makes Fishaways So Good?

If you’re after a fresh, healthy, and delicious seafood meal – whether it be in a hurry or a sit down, head down to your local Fishaways.

They promise convenience, quality, and flavour, whilst using only the best and freshest ingredients when preparing your meal.

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Fishaways is one of the few restaurants in South Africa who’ve proven healthy food can be delicious as well. Unlike a few of their fast food competitors such as KFC, who serve up a range of delicious food as well, but not as healthy. Just check out KFC’s menu yourself.

Fishaways Specials

After a delicious seafood meal, but aren’t to fancy on the current prices on the Fishaways menu? Take advantage of some of their awesome promos.

You’ll be able to get some of their all time classics, such as their Hake & Rice for a mere RM29.90. More fish? Upsize the size of your Hake for RM10.00.

Fish burger more your style? Grab on of their Hake Sliders & Ships for RM27.90. Add on a Coke to wash it down for RM14.00.

Double Up Promo At Fishaways

Or, if you want to share a deal with one of your friends, get the Hake Double Up Meal for RM82.90 consisting of:

  • 2 regular Hake
  • Onion rings
  • Coleslaw
  • Large rice, green salad, or chips

Please note – these promos may have changed since the time writing. Give your local Fishaways restaurant a call to find out all the promos on their menu today.

If you love ordering the specials from a restaurant’s menu, you’ll love Nandos. The Nandos menu continuously runs great specials for you to feast on which you wallet will love as well.

Restaurant Locations

Fishaways is a well-established restaurant chain in South Africa with locations all over the country. If you’re in Woodstock, Bellville, Western Cape, Plumstead, Stellenbosch Central, Strand, Melkbosstrand, or Somerset West, you’ll be glad to know one of their restaurants isn’t too far away.

On top of that, you can order from the Fishaways menu above in other places such as Paarl, George, Mossel Bay, Oudtshoorn, and Jeffrey’s Bay, Uitenhage, Summerstrand, Port Alfred, Grahamstown, East London, and Gonubie.

An remember, if you are in any of the above locations, you can order from the menu at Fishaways and get free delivery every Sunday.

Fishaways continues to grow in South Africa thanks to their tasty menu and great prices. If there isn’t a Fishaways near you right now, be patient, there’ll be one there soon. In the meantine, why not check out another restaurant offering a great seafood menu? Ocean Basket offers a great menu with deliciously fresh seafood as well.

About Fishaways

Fishaways is one of the largest fast food chains in South Africa, with over 250 restaurants around the country and counting. They’ve grown so big thanks to their deliciously healthy menu and greating marketing techniques.

As well, they’re parent company, Famous Brands, has more than plenty of experience in the South African restaurant industry to take almost any style of restaurant to the next level.

Originally founded by George Halamandres, the company first took ownership of Fishaways in 1999. Their experience has proved vastly beneficial for Fishaways, allowing them to grow to where they are today.

Fishaways is just one of the big brands owned by Famous Brands. Others include Steers, Wimpy, Debonairs Pizza, and Mugg & Bean. All well known by locals for providing great food at fantastic value.

Similarly, if Fishaways seafood isn’t really your thing today, why not take a look at the Wimpy menu instead? They have a great range of grilled creations and beef burgers for your taste buds to enjoy.

Talk To Someone At Fishaways

Still have more questions you’d like to ask the staff as Fishaways about their menu? Send them a message on social media:

All in all, if you’ve got a craving for seafood, you’ll be more than pleased with just about anything you order from the Fishaways menu.

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask about Fishaways, leave a comment below.

Enjoy your fresh seafood!

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