Food On The Wimpy Menu

Wimpy came to South Africa for the first time in 1967. From there, the Wimpy menu has grown to serve a delicious range of burgers, grilled foods, toasted sandwiches, and more.

Here’s the Wimpy menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice (R)

All-Day Breakfast

Shape - Seasonal Fruit, Yoghurt, Honey51.90
Sunrise - Back Bacon, Eggs & Toast29.90
Streaky - Bacon, Eggs, Toast & Chips37.90
Egg, Mushroom & Toast49.90
Sizzling Pork Sausage, Eggs, Bacon & Toast49.90
Best of Both - Pork Banger, Mini Beef Boerewors, Streaky Bacon, Eggs & Toast59.90
Hashbrowns, Eggs, Bacon & Toast51.90
Veggie Breakfast64.90
Cheese Griller52.90
Pork Bangers, Back Bacon, Eggs & Toast59.90
Executive - 100g Beef Boerewors, Bacon, Chips, Egg & Toast83.90
Farmhouse - Back Bacon, Eggs, Toast & Chips59.90
Traditional - 120g Sirloin Steak, Back Bacon, Eggs, Toast & Chips99.90
Bacon, Cheese & Tomato Omelette59.90
Lamb Sausages, Eggs, Bacon, Chips & Toast83.90
Mixed Grill Breakfast139.90
Mega - 90g Beef Patty, Eggs, Back Bacon, Chips & Toast83.90

Toasted Sandwiches

Full Loaded Dagwood Toasted Sandwich99.90
Dagwood Toasted Sandwich94.90
Cheese Toasted Sandwich39.90
Cheese & Tomato Toasted Sandwich41.90
Chicken Mayo Toasted Sandwich49.90
Chicken Mayo Bacon Toasted Sandwich54.90
Bacon & Egg Toasted Sandwich49.90

Lunch Menu

Wimpy Burger52.90
Bacon & Cheese Burger74.90
The Champion Burger79.90
Chicken Burger62.90
Crumbed Chicken Burger69.90
Deluxe Veggie Burger62.90
Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Burger79.90
Mushroom Lava Burger74.90
Crispy Stack Burger74.90
Sweet Jalapeno Chicken Stack Burger74.90
Big Cheese Burger82.90
Big Champion Burger99.90
Big Bacon & Cheese Burger97.90

Grill Menu

Chicken Fillets Grill64.90
Thrill of the Grill69.90
Fried Hake Fillet76.90
Mixed Grill139.90
1/4 Chicken & steak94.90
Ultimate Meaty Feast154.90
6 Chicken Wings84.90
Fried Calamari94.90
Chicken Schnitzel, Mushroom Sauce & Cheese Melt99.90
1/4 Chicken & Fried Calamari86.90
2 x 1/4 Chickens84.90
300g Pork Ribs & Chicken Wings129.90
2 x 80b Lamb Chops139.90
Steak & Egg98.90
Steak, Cheese & Mushroom Sauce99.90

Light Meals

Chicken Fillet Salad59.90
Chicken Wrap59.90
Fried Calamari Salad69.90
Harvest Salad49.90
Mexi Veg Wrap59.90

For Sharing

Bits & Bites for 2159.90
Bits & Bites for 4299.90
Chicken Wing Platter299.90
Burger Bonanza179.90


Donut Dunkers34.90
Assorted Muffins29.90
Triple Choc Cake38.90
Just Chills36.90
Plain Waffle42.90
Bar-One Waffle47.90
Flippin Flapjacks29.90
Snowfreeze Banana Boat42.90
Banana Choc Waffle48.90


Famous Wimpy Coffee (regular)24.90
Famous Wimpy Coffee (mega)30.90
Chai Tea Latte37.90
Hot Chocolate37.90
Filter Coffee (regular)19.90
Filter Coffee (large)27.90
Cappuccino (regular)27.90
Cappuccino (large)34.90
Caffe Latte (regular)28.90
Caffe Latte (large)35.90
Espresso (regular)16.90
Espresso (large)19.90
Soft Drink Shared Jug69.90
Fruit Slush (single)39.90
Fruit Slush (shared jub)84.90
Just Chills Shake35.90
Classic Shakes (regular)36.90
Classic Shakes (mega)42.90
Gourmet Shake (regular)42.90
Gourmet Shake (mega)48.90

2023 Wimpy Menu Updates

The year 2023 has brought about minimal changes to the menu at Wimpy. For starters, not a single item on the breakfast menu has changed – except for a small R2.00 to R5.00 increase in prices for some of the meals.

The same has occurred for their toasted sandwiches and burgers, seeing a small increase in price on only some of the items.

One major change their menu has seen is the introduction of a For Sharing section. A section dedicated to shared meals makes it easier and more valuable for families to dine at their restaurants. A move that is likely to compete with other famous family restaurants such as the menu at Ocean Basket.

The Wimpy Journey

It wasn’t until the 1960s that Wimpys was introduced in South Africa. In a highly strategic move, the restaurant chain partnered with Engen (formerly Mobil). The agreement consisted of establishing a Wimply restaurant at all of their service stations, and they’ve been growing ever since.

Wimpy And Engen Partnership

Wimpy And Engen Partnership

During the 1990s, they made a huge addition to their menu with the introduction of the Wimpy Relish. It served to reinvigorate their burgers, bringing more customer through their doors to dine on the Wimpy menu.

The breakfast menu at Wimpys is sure to delight your morning taste buds. You can choose from a range of toasted sandwiches, and all-day brekky options.

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Back on the traditional menu, you’ll find their classics such as their juicy burger, grilled dishes, chicken salads, and a whole lot more. Finish off your meal with one of their extravagant desserts such as the Triple Choc Cake – delightful.

One thing you definitely won’t find on the Wimpy menu, is pizza. For that, why not check out the Romans pizza menu for all your pizza cravings?

Wimpy Breakfast Menu

For those of you set on heading down to Wimpy for breakfast one day soon, you’ll be pleased to know their morning menu competes with some of the best in the country, and even the KFC breakfast menu a run for their money.

The most famous breakfast option of their Streaky dish – hands down. Shortly after your order, you’ll be greeted with streaky bacon, crispy toast, eggs, and a small portion of chips. Just the right amount to start the day off on the right foot.

After something a little beefier? Get the Executive Breakfast instead. Back bacon, chips, toast, eggs, and 100g of beef boerewors – fuel enough for a day of hard work.

It’s totally understandable if they sound overwhelming to you, they’re both big meals. Thankfully, the designers of the breakfast menu at Wimpy know this and have made available a variety of toasted sandwiches as well.

Cheese & Tomato, Chicken Mayo, Bacon & Egg, or the Dagwood Toasted Sandwich – all great options.

Wimpy Specials

Wimpy is constantly adding in new promotions and specials to add a little spice to their menu.

2023 has seen quite a few new specials introduced by their team. Here’s what some of them are:

  • Frank Brekkie – 39.90 – 2 eggs, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, 1 frank, toast
  • Sweet Chilli Cheese Burger – 49.90
  • Shake Up Sundays – 49.90 – Get two classic or limited edition shakes
  • Quick Cheese Bite – 27.90
  • Quick Bite Crispy Onion & Cheese – 29.90
  • Quick Bite BBQ – 25.90
  • Quick Bite Crispy – 29.90

So if you’re looking for some ways to save on the menu at Wimpy, take advantage of some of their specials. Of course, the menu itself is already great value for money.

Wimpy in South Africa

Even though Wimpy is now houses its headquarters in Johannesburg – they didn’t open their first restaurants in South Africa. Instead, it was in 1934 in Chicago, USA where Americans were first able to order from the Wimpy menu you see above (it was a bit different back then).

First Wimpy Restaurant In South Africa

First Wimpy Restaurant In South Africa

20 years later, and the restaurant chain expanded internationally into the UK, where they were known as Wimpy Bar. It was until 1967 when the first Wimpy restaurant was opened in Durban, South Africa – which is still open today. The chain continued to expand all over the world to locations in to locations in Australia, India, Germany, and France – all of which are no longer exist unfortunately.

At the peak of Wimpy, there were around 1,500 restaurants spread across the world. Today, there are only a few hundred – most of them right here in South Africa.

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They’ve successfully maintained their presence in South Africa by focusing their menu on their delicious burgers, with a few other grilled options as well. Their burgers are rated so highly they give the famous burgers at Steers a run for their money.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Wimpy decides to try re-expand their restaurants, or simply focus on providing the best dining experience possible at their current locations. Only time will tell.

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More Questions For Wimpy?

Want to know a bit more about the Wimpy menu from their staff? Send them a message on one of their social media accounts:

If that’s not for you, you can give them a call at 08600 94679.

All in all, the menu at Wimpy has plenty of options to satisfy all your burger and grilled cravings. Head down to your local Wimpy and you’ll be sure to enjoy your meal.

For any other questions you have about the Wimpy menu, leave a message below.

Enjoy your food!