Flame Grilled Chicken On The Menu At Galitos

For over 15 years now, Galitos has been dishing up delicious grilled chicken to millions around the world. In South Africa, their menu is filled with a variety of chicken, burgers, wraps, family meals, and tasty wings.

Here is the latest Galitos menu with prices:

Menu ItemPrice (R)

Meals To Snack

Livers Meal30.50
Skhaftin 1 19.00
Skhaftin 232.00

Meals For 1

1/4 Chicken Meal42.50
1/4 Chicken Combo59.00
Go-Go Meal55.00
1/4 Chicken37.00
Lean & Lekker71.00
Chicken Strips & Chips43.00
Chicken Strips & Rice46.00
Veggie Bowl 45.00
Chicken Salad49.00

Big Deal Meals

Filler Pack69.00
1/2 Chicken69.00
1/2 Chicken Meal74.50
Half Supreme 87.00
1/2 Chicken Combo89.00

Meals To Share

Galito'S Half Pack 110.00
Full Chicken135.00
Value Pack146.00
Power Feast174.00
Good Times Feast189.00
Chillaz Pack 199.00
Galito'S Full Pack215.00

Burgers And Wraps

Chicken Prego33.00
Chicken Burger39.00
Chicken & Cheese Burger44.00
Double Up69.00
Chicken Wrap 39.00
Chicken & Cheese Wrap 44.00


4 Winglets22.00
4 Winglets + Chips27.50
4 Winglets + Chips + Buddy44.00
6 Winglets32.00
6 Winglets + Chips37.50
6 Winglets + Chips + Buddy54.00
8 Winglets42.00
8 Winglets + Chips49.50
8 Winglets + Chips + Buddy66.00

Sharing Piriwings

15 Winglets78.00
15 Winglets + Chips85.00
20 Winglets99.00
20 Winglets + Chips109.00
30 Winglets139.00
30 Winglets + Chips149.00


Chilli Bean26.00
Garden Salad28.00
Spicy Rice12.00
Portuguese Roll8.00

Galitos Menu Best Seller

Flame grilled chicken has made waves around the world, with almost every country adopting it as its own and adding its own unique flavour as well. As it’s no surprise South Africans love their flame grilled chicken, Galitos has been quite busy serving up some of the best chicken the country has to offer.

Galitos Is Famous For Their Peri Peri Chicken
Galitos Is Famous For Their Peri Peri Chicken

If you’ve never been to a Galitos restaurant before, you’re in for a big treat. And although their menu is filled with a huge range of delicious options, you’ll definitely want to order one of their flame grilled chickens for your first time.

Its bold African flavour is made up of a variety of spices, which coat and marinate the chicken before it’s flame grilled and ready for you to enjoy.

Of course, like many of the chicken restaurants in South Africa, such as KFC and Nandos, Galitos don’t give too much away in terms of what actually goes into their marinade. But that simply makes it all the better.

Family Meals Are Also A Great Option On The Galitos Menu
Family Meals Are Also A Great Option On The Galitos Menu

Already well experienced with Galitos’ flamed grilled chicken? It may be time to try out some of the other options on their menu. If that’s the case for you, you should definitely try out one of their burgers or wraps.

They may not be as gourmet or as exuberant as some of the burgers over at Rocomamas, but they’re certainly good enough for a quick lunch that’ll leave you more than satisfied.


Although based and headquartered in South Africa, you may be surprised to find out they’re grown to have restaurants in more than 16 countries. All serve up their delicious flamed grilled chicken, with some adapting to local flavours as well.

Here are some of the most popular restaurants in South Africa:

  • Walmer – 108 Heugh Rd, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6070
  • Richards Bay Meer En See – 45 Bullion Blvd, Richards Bay Central, Richards Bay, 3900
  • Marshalltown Howard House – 23 Loveday St Shop 1, Howard House
  • Pretoria Station Square – Cnr Bosman & Jeff Masemola St Shop 26, Station Square Mall
  • Burgersfort Twin City – Dirk Winterbach St Shop 300, Twin City
  • Polokwane Ivy Park – Campbell St Shop 6, Ivy Park Centre

About Galitos

It all started back in 1996, after working in the fast food industry for several years, and developing a passion for chicken after taking regular trips to Mozambique with his friend’s Portuguese family, Louis Germishuys, decided it was time to open his own restaurant.

He was still living at home at the time and had little money to his name, but that wouldn’t stop him. Louis decided to take over his family’s garage, move the car out, and went to work developing a flavourful flame grilled chicken recipe – the same exact recipe which is still used today in Galitos’ restaurants around the world.

The Founder Of Galitos At An International Restaurant Opening
The Founder Of Galitos At An International Restaurant Opening

Of course, as you can see from their menu, Galitos no longer serves only chicken but has filled it with a variety of different dishes, with plenty of delicious sides to choose from as well.

Their sauces have also become a bit of an icon throughout the country, with the chain even hiring graphic design experts to give their sauce bottles a breath of life, allowing them to compete with some of the largest sauce brands in the world.

The Colourful Bottles Of Galitos Sauces
The Colourful Bottles Of Galitos Sauces

Galitos and their flamed grilled chicken show no signs of slowing down. Many believe as long as they keep doing what they’re doing, we’ll see many new restaurants open up in the near future, both in South Africa and more countries overseas.

In saying that, there’s only so much flame grilled chicken you can eat. If you’re all chickened-out, head on over to Doppio Zero and give their menu a go. They’ve got a fantastic range of various Mediterranean dishes in many different styles.


If you find yourself with more questions you’d like to get answered, feel free to send the Galitos team a message on one of their social media accounts:

Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to ask any questions you have about their menu below.

Enjoy your flame-grilled chicken!