Mexican Style Wrap At Mochachos

Mochachos has been in the Mexican-style restaurant business for many years now. And the menu they’ve created is filled with a huge range of delicious chicken, tacos, pitas, and more – all for you to enjoy.

Here’s the Mochachos menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice

Light Meals

Toasted Mexican Chicken MayoR34.90
Mexican Livers & BunsR32.90
4 Full BBQ WingsR44.90
6 Chickens Strips, Chips & DipR54.90
3 Chickens Strips & DipR26.90
Mexican Chicken Pieces & RiceR34.90


Grilled Chicken SaladR39.90
Greek SaladR29.90
Garden SaladR22.90

Grilled Chicken

1/4 ChickenR39.90
1/2 ChickenR72.90
Full ChickenR134.90


Chicken SchwarmaR52.90
Rump Steak SchwarmaR62.90
Veggie SchwarmaR52.90

Kids Meals (+ chips, fruit juice, toy)

Mini Chicken Fillet BurgerR45.90
Mini Beef BurgerR45.90
4 Chicken Breast StripsR45.90


Chicken BurgerR39.90
Cheese BurgerR46.90
Pine BurgerR46.90
Cheese & Pine BurgerR53.90
Gourmet Chicken BurgerR49.90
Jalapeno Cheese BurgerR49.90
Beef BurgerR49.90
Cheese Beef BurgerR56.90
Pine Beef BurgerR56.90
Cheese & Pine Beef BurgerR63.90
Gourmet Beef BurgerR59.90
Jalapeno Cheese Beef BurgerR59.90

Combo Meals

Chicken Burger, Beeg Chips & BuddyR69.90
1/4 Chicken, Beeg Chips & BuddyR69.90
1/2 Chicken, Beeg Chips & BuddyR99.90
Chicken Schwarma, Beeg Chips & BuddyR84.90
Chicken Burrito, Beeg Chips & BuddyR79.90R79.90
4 Full BBQ Wings & Beeg ChipsR59.90
8 Full BBQ Wings & Beeger ChipsR109.90R109.90
1/4 Chicken, Beeg Chips & BunR56.90R56.90
1/4 Chicken, Pap & Mexican SauceR48.90
2 Chicken Fillet ComboR59.90
Amigo ComboR134.90

Mexican Meals

Chicken BurritoR49.90
Rump Steak BurritoR59.90
Classic Cheese NachosR64.90
Chicken NachosR79.90
Rump Steak NachosR89.90
Chicken QuesadillaR76.90
Rump Steak QuesadillaR89.90
Chicken EnchiladaR69.90
Rump Steak EnchiladaR79.90
Chicken ChimichangeR56.90
Rump Steak ChimichangeR62.90
Chicken FajitasR99.90
Rump Steak FajitasR109.90

Family Meals

Family FeastR189.90
Feamily FiestaR209.90
Family VarietyR169.90
Family TreatR399.90


Potato WedgesR22.90
Mexican RiceR22.90
Pap & Mexican RiceR19.90
Mochachos SaucesR22.90

Best Food at Mochachos

For nearly 20 years, Mochachos has been serving up a wide range of delicious Mexican-style food. Their menu is focused on chicken dishes, but you’ll also find a variety of beef options available as well.

If it’s your first time visiting one of their restaurants, you may be asking yourself – what’s the absolute best item on the menu to guarantee you some good food? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Millions of people have already walked through the doors at one of the many Mochachos restaurants scattered across South Africa, and they’ve laid down the verdict of what’s the best. And we’re going to share it with you.

If there’s a single dish you absolutely cannot go wrong ordering, it’s their Flame Grilled Mexican Chicken. They’ve spent the better part of two decades perfecting the combination of herbs and spices, grilling it in a way that keeps the moisture and all the flavour. Pair it with chips, a salad, or some Mexican rice, and you’re good to go.

Is chicken getting a bit boring for you? No problem – they’ve got some delicious beef burgers on their menu as well. Their Pine Beef Burger and Jalapeno Cheese Beef Burger have been praised by customers again and again. Again, pair them with whatever side you please, and lunch or dinner is sorted. Quick and easy!

Looking for something a little on the lighter side? Mochachos has you covered. Their Mexican-infused salads are great for a little light lunch on the go. Add in some chicken and you’ve got all the nutrients you need to power your day.

Delicious Pita On The Menu At Mochachos

Delicious Pita On The Menu At Mochachos

All in all, no matter what you order from on the menu at Mochachos, you’re likely going to be coming back soon to enjoy it again.

Of course, you can’t keep eating Mexican food every week. And when that time comes for you, why not take a break, and try some classic sandwiches instead? The menu at Sandwich Baron has, quite literally, hundreds of different sandwich combinations for you to try out.


Like other fast food chains in South Africa, Mochachos runs a range of specials and promotions throughout the year to entice customers to come and dine on their food.

So, where can you find the latest promotions they’re offering?

One of the best ways is to follow all their social media accounts (links below). You’re guaranteed to get notified when any new specials are available to use. These specials are generally made for combo meals, or new items recently added to the Mochachos menu.

Alternatively, if you happen to watch a bit of TV from time to time, Mochachos also runs promotions there. They’ve previously run many ads on TV promoting their menu. Here are just a few to showcase:

Although they don’t run as many specials, Mugg and Bean have a menu that has been specifically designed to ensure maximum satisfaction. Amazing coffee, delicious, healthy meals, and a whole lot more. Definitely check them out if you get the chance.


Mochachos has been in the Mexican food business for quite a while now, and they’ve grown their number of restaurant locations into the hundreds.

Not only do they have hundreds of locations, but they’ve gone international as well. You’ll find their restaurants in South Africa, as well as Botswana, Zambia, and Australia.

Some of the more notable restaurants in South Africa include:

  • Mochachos – Shop 3, Alrode Shopping Centre, 79 Bosworth Street, Alrode
  • Mochachos – Shop 5C, Florida Junction, Cnr Ontdekkers & Christiaan de Wet Street, Florida
  • Mochachos – Shop 39a, Heidelberg Mall, 7 Makapan Street, Heidelberg
  • Mochachos – Shop 6, Waterfall Centre, c/o Le Roux & Bekker Road, Midrand
  • Mochachos – 96 Josiah Gumede Rd, New Germany, Pinetown
  • Mochachos – Shop 8/9, Rock Cottage Centre, Cnr John Vorster & Christiaan de Wet Road Weltevreden Park

Keep in mind, this list is not exhaustive. There are plenty more Mochachos restaurants around South Africa. And, if you’re unlucky enough to not be close to one, just be patient. One will likely be opening near you very soon.

About Mochachos

The capital of South Africa, Pretoria, was the first city in the world Mochachos called home. Back then, it had a slightly longer name – Mochachos Steak Villages. Of course, as you can see from their menu today, with their strong focus on chicken dishes they thought it was best to remove Steak from their name.

In the beginning, they were one of the first restaurants in the whole of South Africa to offer a Mexican-style menu.

Now, they are the largest restaurant chain in South Africa, and one of the best, offering a Mexican-style menu.

They’ve grown so much over the past decade’s thanks to two things – uniqueness and a delicious menu.

⏰ It’s Burger o clock, make yours extra cheesy with a Beef or Chicken Cheeseburger from Mochachos! Orders yours for delivery today.

Posted by Mochachos

Their restaurants are decorated with vibrant colors, resembling the style of restaurants commonly seen in Mexico itself. Combined with the amazing Mexican food on the Mochachos menu, you’ve got a winning combination.

So long as their team continues doing what they’re doing, it’s likely South Africa, as well as the rest of the world, will see more and more Mochachos restaurants opening soon.

They do, however, have many competitors also competing for the same customers. One of them being Fishaways. Although Fishaways serves a more seafood-focused menu, there are plenty of South Africans who are split 50/50 down the middle on which style of food they enjoy more.

Talk To Staff

Not 100% set on visiting one of their restaurants just yet? Feel free to send any questions you have to their team on social media:

In the end, the Mexican-spiced chicken, flame-grilled to almost perfect at Mochachos will guarantee customers will always leave satisfied after they’ve finished their meal.

So much so, that they give one of the largest chicken chains in the world, Nandos, a run for their money. But hey, when there’s Portuguese Peri-Peri chicken available on the menu at Nando’s, it’s definitely tough to compete with them. Mochachos does a good job at it though.

More questions? Leave a message or send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Enjoy your Mexican chicken!