Some Of The Pizza At Pizza Perfect

Pizza Perfect hasn’t survived 30 years in the South African restaurant industry without being something special. Discover their menu and the delicious pizzas available for you to dine on.

Here’s the Pizza Perfect menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice (R)

Deluxe Pizza

Perfect Signature Pizza110.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken110.00
The Godfather135.00
Chicken Nachos125.00

Original Pizza

California (23cm)76.00
California (30cm)109.00
BBQ Chicken (23cm)72.00
BBQ Chicken (30cm)105.00
La Nonna (23cm)76.00
La Nonna (30cm)109.00
Europa (23cm)71.00
Europa (30cm)104.00
Chicken Mayo (23cm)72.00
Chicken Mayo (30cm)105.00
Mexicana (23cm)76.00
Mexicana (30cm)109.00
Bolognaise (23cm)72.00
Bolognaise (30cm)105.00
El Greco (23cm)70.00
El Greco (30cm)100.00
Spicy Chicken (23cm)76.00
Spicy Chicken (30cm)109.00
Steak (23cm)76.00
Steak (30cm)109.00
Miami (23cm)75.00
Miami (30cm)107.00
Tikka Chicken (23cm)79.00
Tikka Chicken 30cm112.00
Spare Rib (23cm)76.00
Spare Rib (30cm)109.00
Chicken Bacon (23cm)79.00
Chicken Bacon (30cm)112.00

Favourite Pizza

Cheesy Nachos (23cm)69.00
Cheesy Nachos (30cm)99.00
Veg Exotico (23cm)68.00
Veg Exotico (30cm)97.00
Pepperoni (23cm)63.00
Pepperoni (30cm)90.00
La Med (23cm)68.00
La Med (30cm)97.00
Four Seasons (23cm)69.00
Four Seasons (30cm)99.00
Las Vegas (23cm)65.00
Las Vegas (30cm)95.00
Vegetarian (23cm)59.00
Vegetarian (30cm)85.00
Sicliana (23cm)64.00
Sicliana (30cm)92.00
Bacon (23cm)68.00
Bacon (30cm)97.00
Spicy Chourizo (23cm)72.00
Spicy Chourizo (30cm)105.00
Geroni (23cm)58.00
Geroni (30cm)83.00
Tiri (23cm)62.00
Tiri (30cm)92.00
Mafiosa (23cm)56.00
Mafiosa (30cm)80.00
Regina (23cm)64.00
Regina (30cm)92.00
Margherita (23cm)53.00
Margherita (30cm)75.00
Hawaiian (23cm)64.00
Hawaiian (30cm)92.00
Bacon and Banana (23cm)62.00
Bacon and Banana (30cm)89.00
Chicken Livers (23cm)62.00
Chicken Livers (30cm)89.00

Pizza Bread

Garlic Pizza Bread (23cm)28.00
Garlic Pizza Bread (30cm)39.00
Garlic Pizza Bread Supreme (23cm)37.00
Garlic Pizza Bread Supreme (30cm)53.00

Dessert Pizza

Strawberry Oreo45.00
Rocky Road45.00
Peppermint Crispy45.00


6 Chicken Wings39.00
10 Chicken Wings61.00
20 Chicken Wings, Large Chips & Dips147.00
5 Chicken Strips32.00
10 Chicken Strips50.00
Chicken Wrap43.00

Chicken Burgers

Perfect Chicken Burger65.00
Chicken Burger40.00
Chicken Cheese Burger45.00
Hawaiian Chicken Burger50.00
Hawaiian Cheese Chicken Burger55.00


Vegetarian Sub (20cm)44.00
Vegetarian Sub (40cm)85.00
Mexicana Sub (20cm)47.00
Mexicana Sub (40cm)87.00
Spicy Chicken Sub (20cm)47.00
Spicy Chicken Sub (40cm)87.00
La Nonna Sub (20cm)49.00
La Nonna Sub (40cm)89.00
Steak Sub (20cm)49.00
Steak Sub (40cm)89.00
Hawaiian Sub (20cm)44.00
Hawaiian Sub (40cm)85.00
Perfect Sub (20cm)59.00
Perfect Sub (40cm)95.00
Miami Sub (20cm)50.00
Miami Sub (40cm)90.00


Lasagne Creme98.00
Original Lasagne89.00
Chicken Lasagne89.00
Fettuccine Alfredo85.00
Spaghetti Bolognaise89.00


Chicken Salad44.00
Greek Salad38.00
Italian Salad38.00

Kids Meals

Kids Chicken Nuggets Meal50.00
Kids Pizza Meal50.00


Chips (large)22.00
Chips (regular)27.00
Extra Dips (small)5.00
Extra Dips (regular)9.00

Pizza Perfect Specials

Every Day Madness - 2 Regular Chicken & Cheese Burgers68.00
Anytime Special - Margherita Pizza, 1 Meat, 1 Veg, & Buddy Soda70.00

Pizza Perfect Menu Updates

Surprisingly, there really haven’t been that many changes on the menu at Pizza Perfect so far.

As usual, however, we have seen the prices for almost all of their pizzas increase between R1.00 and R10.00 – depending on the quality and size of the pizza.

Pizzas at Pizza Perfect

They’ve been in the business of pizza making for 30 years. Even better, than haven’t been spending all that time trying to re-invent pizza, but rather, they’ve spent the better part of three decades perfecting it.

Many have hailed the pizzas available on the Pizza Perfect menu as some of the best in the country. Even competing with some of the largest multinational pizzas chains as well.

So what kind of pizzas do they have, and what are some of the local’s favourite combinations?

To start, they’ve got more than 30 different pizzas to choose from, with plenty of vegetarian options as well. Meaning whatever type of pizza you prefer, Pizza Perfect will be certainly able to accommodate you.

If you’re after a classic, try their Perfect Deluxe Pizza. It comes with salami, ham, mushrooms, green peppers, onion, and garlic. A classic suited for all taste buds.

Miami Pizza At Pizza Perfect

Miami Pizza At Pizza Perfect

Looking for something a little more exotic on the menu? Give their Miami pizza a shot. On top of their hand-stretched dough, you’ll get feta, bacon, and avocado. Delicious.

For all the herbivores out there – go for the Veg Exotico. Feta, spinach, mushroom, and pineapple. Fantastic combination.

All in all, you’ll be hard-pressed to order a pizza from their menu and end up disliking it. Unless you order the one with Anchovies. Nobody likes anchovies.

Menu Specials

Like to grab a bargain or simply looking to cut the costs of their pizzas a little? You’ll be pleased to know Pizza Perfect often run specials and promotions which you can use.

One of the current promotions advertised on their website is a combo deal. Simply buy two large pizzas and you can get a 1.5L Fuze Tea for R5.00 as well.

Want to keep up with the latest promotions? Check out their social media pages (links below). Their promotions are always changing so that’s the best place to find the ones currently active.

Who Are Their Competitors?

Pizza hasn’t become one of the most popular foods on the planet because just a handful of people keep ordering it. No, millions, if not billions of people love pizza – leading to hundreds of different restaurants solely serving the delicious creations.

Pizza Perfect is one of them. Although they serve pasta, burgers, and subs as well we won’t get into that here.

Pizza Is Wildly Popular In South Africa

Pizza Is Wildly Popular In South Africa

Who are the biggest competitors to Pizza Perfect’s pizza menu in South Africa?

The No.1 competitor, and currently the largest pizza chain in the country, is Debonairs. Their pizza menu also features a huge range of different pizza topping combinations, with a vast loyal fan base as well.

Next up would be Roman’s Pizza. They only serve pizza on their menu and have been doing so since 1993 – meaning they’ve become pretty damn good at it.

Finally, we come to Panarottis. Although their menu has more than just pizza on it, they’ve also spent a great deal of time perfecting the topping combinations. Definitely give them a go if you’re up for something new.

About Pizza Perfect

Being in the business for 30 years means something. It means if you’re in the pizza business, you’ve probably been making some tasty pizzas. And that’s exactly what Pizza Perfect has done to let them grow to where they are today.

One of the reasons South Africans love pizzas is because of their authenticity. They use quality toppings, hand-stretch their dough, and always add on a generous serving of their delicious cheeses.

After the pizza is ready for cooking, it’s thrown into the blazing wood fired ovens – coming out a deliciously perfect pizza.

Pizza Perfect currently has locations in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and many more. If they continue to serve up their wonderful pizzas on their menu to their customers, we’re sure we’ll see many more locations open up in the future.

Remember – if you love their pizzas so much you can own a Pizza Perfect yourself! They’re available to the franchise.

Talk To Someone At Pizza Perfect

Have some more questions about the menu that you’d like to ask the staff at Pizza Perfect? Leave them a message on social media:

All in all, if you’re looking for a slice of Italy to dine on, whether it be a pizza, some pasta, garlic bread, or a subhead down to your local Pizza Perfect. There’s plenty to choose from on their menu and you’ll most likely enjoy it all.

If you’re getting a little sick of pizzas over and over, head back to the local style and dine on some seafood. There are plenty of delicious seafood options on the Ocean Basket menu that you can dine on.

For any other questions you have about the menu at Pizza Perfect, leave a message below.

Enjoy your pizzas!